Paladin Healing: Deathbringer Saurfang

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to talk about the Deathbringer Saurfang fight in Icecrown Citadel. While this fight looks simple on paper, it takes strong dps, focus, and execution to down this guy. Let’s dive in shall we?

So Deathbringer has a few abilities and mechanics you have to watch out for and otherwise ‘control’. He has a power system called ‘Blood Power’ which shows as a ‘rage bar’ under his health. It goes to 100 and every time he lands an attack on a player he gains 1 ‘Blood point’ and then increases his damage for every point as well.

The goal is to try and prevent him from getting 100 blood points as best as you can and kill him before the fight gets exponentially hard to heal through.

When he gets to 100 blood points he expends it all on an ability called ‘Mark of the Fallen Champion’ which basically looks like a blood DKs rune weapon striking the person he casts it on….but…it doesn’t stop. It continuously hits that person throughout the duration of the fight, even if they die and are battle ressed that person will still have the mark.

MoFC hits for a serious amount and it hits fast so be sure to keep that person topped off as best you can with Holy Shocks and FoL’s as you’ll be focusing on Main Tank Heals.

Tanks have to watch out for Rune of Blood which Deathbringer casts on the target he is aggro’d to. Tanks will be switching and taking spike damage so be ready to switch tanks to heal on the fly.

Your ranged dps and yourself will be spread out at max healing range behind the boss in this fight. Deathbringer uses an ability called ‘Blood Nova’ on a random player with will splash and hit nearby players if you’re too close. Remember each hit gives him blood power, so staying spread out controls his power gain to a degree. The less, the better.

Deathbringer also casts a Blood boil ability which ticks damage on you for 8 seconds, AND gives him 8 blood power. You can counter this by casting Hand of Protection on any of your Allys who have it, and casting divine shield on yourself should you get it. That’s 16 blood points you saved right there!

The last mechanic to this fight includes two adds that the Deathbringer will spawn called Blood Beasts. These need to be killed and kited by your Ranged DPS as fast as possible. When they first spawn they will head straight for your healers, so watch out if one gets to close to you. What we normally have is a hunter or shaman apply a slow effect spell on the creatures when they spawn, allowing the dps time to kill at least one before the second beast starts getting close to dps or healers.

Blood beasts will give the Deathbringer 1 blood point per hit, and they hit FAST, so control these guys and you’ll down him no problem. Keep your Hammer of justice ready in case one gets close as they are susceptible to stuns.

If you can control the Deathbringer’s blood points as well as his blood beasts with your dps and kiting ability, you’ve won the fight. Mark of the Fallen Champion becomes very difficult to heal when you have more then two marks on the raid.

As a tip we found it easier for the paladin to beacon one person with the mark, and focus heal a second person with the mark just to keep them alive, as the raid healer began focus healing the tanks/raid. It starts getting hairy when you don’t control that blood power!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Paladin Healing: Icecrown Gunship Battle

After defeating lady deathwhisper, your next challenge is facing off the horde in a battle to the upper tier of the citadel itself. In this fight you have an ‘offensive team’ and a ‘defensive team’ and the goal of the encounter is to damage the enemy ship enough to force them to retreat before your ship goes down. It’s a very fun fight and has some challenging mechanics, let’s dive in shall we?

As a Holy Paladin, you’ll want to be the tank healer primarily for the defense team, assign a tank healer for the offensive team, but just know that you will actually help to heal BOTH tanks in this fight, even when the offensive tank is on the OTHER ship!

During the fight there’s a few things you have to watch out for particularly for the defensive team. Number 1, place your beacon on the defensive tank, the dps and yourself on defense will be taking spike raid damage from the opposing teams axe throwers, so keep heals on your defense tank 100% of the time as you help to heal your teammates.

The offensive tank will jet pack to the opposing teams ship and begin tanking the commander, in our case it was overlord saurfang or something. Have you offensive tank pull him close to the edge of the enemy battleship, while you have your offensive healer focus healing his tank, you can help heal the offensive tank as you position yourself on the edge of your ship. This is important for what I’m about to explain.

The enemy commander gains a buff that increases physical damage by 20 or so percent every few seconds, you cannot let this stack higher then 12 stacks, or else your offensive tank will be one shotted. So, inorder to counter this buff the enemy commander gains, your entire offensive team needs to jump back and let the buff wear off, it takes 10 seconds for it to wear off by the way.

The thing about this mechanic though is that your offensive healer won’t be healing for a few seconds as their jumping back to your ship, have them coordinate as best as they can, but your supplemental heals to the offense tank will be the life saver during the transition as the tank will not be getting any heals from his primary healer. Gotta love Beacon of light! 🙂

All the while on defense your healing through raid damage from axethowers and keeping your tank alive, you have to also dodge rockets from the enemy ship, they display on the ground as large runes that must be avoided, they do about 9-10k damage, so you need to be aware of where they are and avoid them as necessary.

Rinse and repeat until all the mages are dead and their gunship goes down!

Happy Hunting!

Paladin Healing: Lady Deathwhisper

So! We’ve mastered the Lord of Bones Marrowgar last week, this week we tackled Lady Deathwhisper, High Queen of the Cult of the Damned! She was promptly put to rest….

Ok, so this is a 2 phase fight.

Phase 1 Your dps needs to eliminate the mana barrier Lady Deathwhisper has protecting herself, while controlling and killing the minions she spawns until her shield is gone. This requires sustained high DPS to control the adds in a timely fashion, as well as coordination from your tanks to control the ghouls that are transformed from the fanatics since they hit so hard.

Healing this in Phase 1 there should only be 2 healers this entire fight, yourself the Paladin healer, will be focus healing the OT while beacon healing the Main Tank. The second healer should really be an aoe raid healer as there is spike raid damage done throughout the raid that needs to be topped off ASAP, having two single target healers will be difficult.

Throughout the entire fight deathwhisper will put down a hard hitting death and decay, all players need to be aware of it and move from it immediately, the problem our group faced was that the DnD was hitting our players more then it should have been and the adherent adds were finishing them off with shadowbolts. Stay away from death and decay!!

Adherents will cast a curse that needs to be dispelled immediately which increases all your cool down times to 15 seconds, even instant abilities, basically you can’t cast anything for 15 secs. It absolutely sucks. We had our mage dispel to allow our shaman healer to focus on healing the raid.

So you’re focus healing the tanks, as a paladin healer phase 1 should be a breeze if the adds and curses are being controlled correctly and you’re staying out of death and decay yourself.

Phase 2 begins when Lady Deathwhispers mana reaches zero, she no longer summons minions in to help her, however try to make sure your raid kills all the adds first before getting her to phase 2.

Phase 2 is a tank and spank for the most part concerning the dps and tanks, the tanks will have to taunt off each other because she will do a stacking threat debuff to the tanks so keep beacon up on the tank that has aggro at all times.

Phase 2 also brings in a new ability called frostbolt volley, where Lady Deathwhisper will hit the entire raid for 5k frost damage, you cant avoid it you have to heal through it. Keep beacon on the tank with aggro and help raid heal, keeping everyone topped off is 100% vital.

Lady Deathwhisper will summon these small ghost minions that stay alive for a few seconds and chase someone in the raid, if it gets near anyone it will explode for 18k damage!!!!! (This is why it’s so important to keep everyone topped off.) Try to run away from these, from my experience, it’s difficult to move around and heal while running from these things, they are dangerous!! Make healing their target the priority if they do in fact explode.

The last ability she does in phase 2 is a Shadowfrost bolt to the tank that has aggro, it does unmitigated 40k damage!!! And will nearly one shot your tank, luckily this ability can be interrupted, but if your rogue is dead in a ten man like ours was, get ready for a rough phase 2. The ability nearly 1 shots your tank, you’ll have beacon on them the entire time if it does indeed hit your tank, so an impending big heal should always be on the way, but any unlucky frostbolt volley or death and decay or exploding ghost will surely kill your tank.

Good luck in there healing through this high level damage!!!

3.3 Healing Libram: Libram of Blinding Light

Today we’re going to quickly talk about the new healing libram from Icecrown Citadel (or emblems of Frost) Libram of Blinding Light.

Libram of blinding Light: Holy Shock Heals grant 85 Spell Power lasting for 15 seconds, this can stack up to 3 times, and will stay as long as you continue to keep the 15 second buff up by continuing to cast holy shock.

Okay, so you can potentially get 255 spell power out of this libram….. is that it?

We get a 20+ spell power increase in comparison to the libram of veracity, which if you are running Icecrown by now you should more then likely have this in slot since you have over 30k mana nearly unbuffed. 20 spell power to me is negligible and will make no difference whatsoever.

ALSO, the fact that the stacking buff only last 15 seconds will make it an even bigger pain in the butt to keep up, given the fact that we need to keep up sacred shield AND beacon of light every 30-60 seconds.

Getting the full benefit of this libram will take over 20 seconds to achieve given that Holy Shock unglyphed is on a 6 second cooldown.

Also, as a paladin, holy shock is used as my ‘life saver spell’ or my spell on the move, when a healer or myself takes some spike damage while im focus healing the tanks, I use holy shock to help out with a quick heal to keep that person or myself alive. With this libram you would have to basically keep Holy shock on CD throughout a fight, taking away your on demand quick heal that we’ve grown accustomed to having….. Not good when you have to keep healing while on the move.

So after careful thought and consideration, the only positive use for this libram to me would be for a ‘raid healing’ paladin that isn’t focused on chain casting holy lights to keep up with damage, soemone who pvps, or someone who wants it to boost the already misleading ‘gearscore’…..

I’ll be staying with Veracity personally…

Paladin Healing: Lord Marrowgar

And so begins our journey into Icecrown Citadel! My guild Ironfist-Arathor-US, made our first foray into the new raid instance and did not come away empty handed!!

In this post I’ll go over the healing required for the ten man version of Lord Marrowgar. Our healing setup included:

Disc Priest

The Paladin was assigned to healing both tanks during this fight.
The shaman was in charge of supplement heals on the tank and raid healing his group.
The Disc priest was in charge of supplement heals on the tanks and raid healing his group as well.

Marrowgar has a nasty damage dealing ability called Saber Lash, it’s split between the main tank and the closest person standing next to him, the off tank. The damage is so strong that the Paladin will be focused healing those two people throughout the duration of the fight. I racked up 5k HPS just focusing on those two!

The next ability to watch out for was his Bone Storm, its on a 60sec cooldown and basically he whirlwinds the whole room focusing on random people. Despite the fact that being up close to the boss like that getting a ‘whirlwind’ the damage is healable, this is where your raid healers focus on healing their groups and the paladin tops off anyone within his range, quick heals like FoL and Holy shock are life savers here.

The main thing to watch out for as a healer during the bonestorm are the Cold Flame lines of fire the boss puts down. Cold Flame is cast throughout the entire fight and does 7k damage per tick, so you’ll always have to watch out for it, especially when he’s whirling around the room shooting it at everyone.

The last thing to watch out for is Bonespike Graveyard, Bonespike does some decent damage to the person who is spike, use your holy shock to help keep that person alive, especially if its a fellow healer.

If you paladin healer gets spiked your raid healers have to pick up the slack on the tank healing, be very vocal on vent when you pally healer gets spiked, as the person who is controlling the most damaging attack in the fight is incapacitated!!!

Good luck downing Marrowgar and don’t feel bad winning the caster dps sword either!!! 🙂

That’s me on the far right of this picture!!!! 🙂

Power Auras for the Holy Paladin
November 30, 2009, 2:44 pm
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Power Aura

Flash of Light: A ‘filler’ to get your Holy Lights on track…

Flash of Light, our quick and easy bandaid to a healing situation aside from Holy Shock.

I was thinking recently about how when two paladins are raiding, there is a small chance that their heals may ‘intertwine’ one another, and the ‘big heal’ won’t come at the right time when both paladins are healing at the same time…..if that makes sense.

Something you can do to avoid this, is to use Flash of light as your ‘in between filler spell’ so you can somewhat heal reactively to the damage when the tank actually needs it.

I’ve heard some dual pally teams have one spamming FoL the entire time while the other spams Holy Light, either way you go, I think you can sustain your healing using this spell in between holy lights.

This also keeps up your flash of light HoT, and during the ‘filler’ stage, you can refresh your sacred shields as well! 🙂