3.3 Healing Libram: Libram of Blinding Light

Today we’re going to quickly talk about the new healing libram from Icecrown Citadel (or emblems of Frost) Libram of Blinding Light.

Libram of blinding Light: Holy Shock Heals grant 85 Spell Power lasting for 15 seconds, this can stack up to 3 times, and will stay as long as you continue to keep the 15 second buff up by continuing to cast holy shock.

Okay, so you can potentially get 255 spell power out of this libram….. is that it?

We get a 20+ spell power increase in comparison to the libram of veracity, which if you are running Icecrown by now you should more then likely have this in slot since you have over 30k mana nearly unbuffed. 20 spell power to me is negligible and will make no difference whatsoever.

ALSO, the fact that the stacking buff only last 15 seconds will make it an even bigger pain in the butt to keep up, given the fact that we need to keep up sacred shield AND beacon of light every 30-60 seconds.

Getting the full benefit of this libram will take over 20 seconds to achieve given that Holy Shock unglyphed is on a 6 second cooldown.

Also, as a paladin, holy shock is used as my ‘life saver spell’ or my spell on the move, when a healer or myself takes some spike damage while im focus healing the tanks, I use holy shock to help out with a quick heal to keep that person or myself alive. With this libram you would have to basically keep Holy shock on CD throughout a fight, taking away your on demand quick heal that we’ve grown accustomed to having….. Not good when you have to keep healing while on the move.

So after careful thought and consideration, the only positive use for this libram to me would be for a ‘raid healing’ paladin that isn’t focused on chain casting holy lights to keep up with damage, soemone who pvps, or someone who wants it to boost the already misleading ‘gearscore’…..

I’ll be staying with Veracity personally…


Flash of Light: A ‘filler’ to get your Holy Lights on track…

Flash of Light, our quick and easy bandaid to a healing situation aside from Holy Shock.

I was thinking recently about how when two paladins are raiding, there is a small chance that their heals may ‘intertwine’ one another, and the ‘big heal’ won’t come at the right time when both paladins are healing at the same time…..if that makes sense.

Something you can do to avoid this, is to use Flash of light as your ‘in between filler spell’ so you can somewhat heal reactively to the damage when the tank actually needs it.

I’ve heard some dual pally teams have one spamming FoL the entire time while the other spams Holy Light, either way you go, I think you can sustain your healing using this spell in between holy lights.

This also keeps up your flash of light HoT, and during the ‘filler’ stage, you can refresh your sacred shields as well! 🙂

3.3 Possible Paladin Changes

So the PTR is chock full of mechanic changing talents coming to the paladin class. Here’s the list so far: (Remember, none of this may even make it into the final patch build, so don’t go crazy just yet. )

* Lay on Hands now causes Forbearance when used on self.
* Infusion of Light now causes your Flash of Light to heal targets with Sacred Shield for an additional 50/100% over 12 sec.
* Flash of Light no longer heals for an additional 100% over 12 sec if the target has the Sacred Shield effect.

Forbearance when used on self – This is a primrily PVP BG change in my mind, since in PVE we’re usually using our LoH to save a Tank or use a mitigation cooldown. Not a big deal for us here as Holy Paladins.

Flash of Light no longer causes the HoT effect when used in conjunction with Sacred Shield. This is another PVP change, Ret paladins will effectively bubble themselves, cast FoL when AoW procs, if it crits, the Ret pally then has Sheath of Light AND FoL Hot Ticks doing insane amounts of healing AND absorbing damage. Gotta say, I saw this one coming.

Infusion of Light will grant Holy Paladins the ability to apply the HoT from FoL, no other paladin tree will have this ability, except of course ret with sheath of light.

So basically, nothing has really changed here from our traditional healing mechanics as Holy Paladins once the patch goes live so far. Early on in the PTR, they changed sacred shield to only proc once every 30 seconds. Infusion of light ALSO had the description to show that it reduces the proc chance down back to every 6 seconds, making Sacred Shield a Holy Paladin primary shield. They then changed it so it really doesn’t matter.

And so continues the wonderous class balancing act Blizzard puts in come every patch time. See you in Icecrown! 🙂

Paladin Healing – Using ALL Your Spells
September 25, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Good morning! So many times I see it when -ANY- kind of player, dps, tank, healers get tunnel vision withtheir spells. They’re either so focused on doing damage, or so focused on trying to keep aggro, or keep the raid alive, that they neglect some of the most important, life saving spells in their spell book.

To me, what makes a well rounded player is their ability to improvise, and use ALL their available spells for the benefit of the raid.

For Paladins, lets talk about some of the spells we can use outside of our normal three healing spells.

1. Hand of Sacrifice – This doesn’t have to be used on the tank all the time, make sure you only use this when you have divine shield, or divine protection on to mitigate the incoming damage you brought on yourself with this spell. Don’t use it alone with no mitigation cooldown, this will help save some squishy raid members from dieing to trash.
2. Hand of Salvation – The name of this blog! Use this on your high aggro targets, keep omen meters right next to your grid of players to keep an eye on who’s got what aggro, and who’s next to take it, don’t let it be a dps.
3. Hand of Protection – It finally happens, that lok in you group that just goes all out on all the trash mobs before the tank has complete aggro, and they all turn and start running towards him, what do you do? (Normally I’ld let them run and kill him to teach that lok a lesson to hold off fortwo more seconds) We don’t want him to die, so bind this to your clique or healbot, and hit this spell on your aggro whore before he bitds the dust. Usually, for trash and bosses, it’s most if not all physical damage, and will basically aggro wipe that person from the mobs hit list. Saved the day once again!
4. Turn Evil – This spell is REALLY useful, it’s on a 1.5 second cast, but can only be used against undead. If for some reason another healer, or a dps has an undead on them, scare them off with the power of the light! You’ld be surprised on how useful this spell is.
5. Consecration/Hammer of Wrath/Exorcism – As a HOLY Paladin, you still have some offensive abilities at your disposal, if damage isn’t that bad, I’ll normally run in put a consecrate down, if a boss is getting low on health and I just used my judgement to refresh JotPure, I’ll hit him with hammer of wrath, help out as much as you can, every little bit helps! BUT BE SMART ABOUT IT TOO!

These are spells that really any paladin can use to bring more utility to the raid, every class has a PLETHORA of abilities that make life easy for the raid, the key is making sure everyone uses them. You’ld be surprised, how much easier it will make your raid flow.

Gem and Trinket Choices for the Paladin Healer

Hello there! Today we’ll talk about the Gem and Trinket choices available to us for Paladin Healing, and what works best for the 53/0/18 build.

Healing Gems really come down to two primary choices:
1. Spell Power
2. Intellect

Crit,Haste,etc,etc…. are all really secondary, and to be honest, you really dont need to gem for these in terms of min/max numbers.

Let’s talk about the 53/0/18 build really fast, it’s a pure crit build, it’s focus is making Holy Light (our most mana expensive healing spell) sustainable to spam in a 7 minute boss fight.

Holy Light, costs around 1-1.1k mana per cast, depending on what glyphs/librams you have activated/in slot to reduce it’s cost.

Intellect is the number one choice for this build in terms of Gems
1. You get 10% more intellect per point with Divine Intellect talented fully
2. With Holy Guidance, you gain increased spell power through your intellect
3. The more intellect you have, the larger the mana pool you’ll be able to get, … the larger the mana pool you have, the more potent Divine Plea is for regenerating precious mana, and enabling you to continue casting Holy Light.

So Gem for Intellect!! Don’t worry about spell power, it will come naturally with gear and talents, trust me your holy light will heal for more then enough. In all naxx gear, you will still overheal for quite a bit.

So when should we gem for Spell Power at all?
1. to meet meta gem requirements
2. If you use the Holy/Prot build for healing, usually for PVP reasons (and yes very rare PVE also)

Let’s start talking about trinkets, since Intellect is our number 1 stat, let’s take a look at the trinkets available that buff that stat.

Pandora’s Plea – Mimiron/Ulduar
Tears of the Vanquished – Trial of the Champion (Regular)
Talisman of Resurgance – Triumph Emblem Item (50)
Darkmoon Card – The one that gives you intellect

If you’re able to procure at least two of these trinkets to fill your slots, with the current T9 gear, you can achieve OVER 31k mana pools! These trinkets give nothing but pure intellect to add to your bottom line, increasing crit chance, increasing spell power, and increasing mana, whenever a stat triple dips into your spells and abilities, you need to stack it -period-.

That’s right, 31,000 mana, divine plea restores 25% ofthaat every 60 seconds, that equals 7750 mana restored every minute, that’s HUGE.

I’ve said it in a previous post before, with these types of numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if blizzard nerfed the returns somewhat for Divine Plea, or nerfed the amount of mana paladins can achieve as well.

Unless they want us with these numbers going into Icecrown, and since they’re going to revamp the entire stat system in cataclysm, we may very well be able to keep these ‘numbers’ for the rest of this expansion! 🙂

Paladin Healing – 10 Man Healing compositions that work
September 23, 2009, 12:17 pm
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So you play a holy paladin, what does that mean to you regarding a raid spot, particularly in popular ten man raids? I’ll start diving into what has worked out for me and the reasons behind those choices when making a viable, and sustainable healing composition, specifically for 10 man raids.

I’ve always found that having a Disc Priest, Paladin Healer, and either Shaman/Druid/Holy Priest(in that order of priority) was the best makeup for a ten man group. I bring up ten man composition because of it’s more ‘microscopic’ approach to -responsibility-, if someone goes down in a ten man, its usually really easy to point out who -didn’t- do their assignment.

Conversely, 25 mans can have up to 6-7 healers, making composition ‘easier’ so to speak with regards on who you should bring, it’s usually going to be a mix of all the classes at that point anyway.

Why do I like the Pally/Disc/Shammy OR Druid combo so much? Heres why:

1. Diversity in spells to maximize power/stam of each player in the raid: I try to stray away from having two of the same types of class in a raid, in general. In order to maximize the raids damage/healing/tanking output, you want to have as many buffs as possible. Bringing in a variation of classes to a raid is ideal, which is why I don’t usually like having (I’m sorry) a holy priest join the group when a disc priest is present. The disc priest will have all the buffed up versions of the priest spells for the raid in general, and having two of the same class when we could have other buffs present isn’t maximizing the potential output of the group.
2. Flow of healing types: Utility spells that when combined with other healing types, create a very good flow: example: Paladins are known for their huge ‘burst’ heals, 2 second heals for over 16-17khp, coupled with disc priests effective shields and instant tank heals, make main tank healing truely very easy. Disc priests are kind of hybrid also, having so many healing spells, even though they are primarily single target healers, they can step in and raid heal when needed, very versatile. Shaman, and Druid healers, my preference would be a shaman because of Chain Heal and the various totems they posses to fill in buffing gaps, from what I’ve read both healing types can be difficult, but either one would be good as long as the person controlling the character is skilled, but that comes down to the player, not the class.

**One thing I want to point out is that, -IT IS POSSIBLE- to have two of the same class of healers, or even all of the same class of healers in a raid and be successful. IT IS POSSIBLE, one thing that really urks me is how some raid leaders in guilds are just so gung ho about min-maxing the group that they make stupid decisions, or they unfairly ‘bench’ someone just because they aren’t the right spec….. to me that’s just stupid, but I’ll save that rant for another post.

So for this post, that’s about it. To maximize the group benefit of having a paladin healer in a ten man raid, these are the primary things to look for when making a group, and why.

It’s really not that complicated, just have your pally beacon the main tank, and raid heal hard with holy light’s including the offtank while your two other aoe healers do the rest of the work keeping the dps alive.

It really is that simple, because pally’s make it that way!! :0)

Lay on Hands, Should we talent into this?

Hey guys! Recently I’ve been dabling 2 of my talent points into the new Improved Lay on Hands talent in the Holy Tree. Where did I dig up those precious points from?

I took them out of Improved Concentration Aura, and placed them into Imp. LoH instead.

I also changed out my Beacon of Light Glyph (YES I actually did this) and put in the major/minor LoH Glyphs that:

1 Returns mana to you when you use LoH and
2 Reduces LoH CD to about 10ish mins (Practially have this up on EVERY boss fight!)

You now also get the new effect, which is a 20% damage mitigation for about 15 or so seconds, that’s ANOTHER CD you can use to help the tank mitigate damage!

I haven’t noticed any difference regarding pushback, or silence/interrupt effects that I’ld normally benefit from having Imp. Conc. Aura fully talented, right now that talent is looking more and more like a pvp talent. Still useful in some boss fights, but like I said, I don’t really notice the difference shifting 2 points out of it.

I’m thinking that I’ll be changing my preferred talent build to reflect his change, I think it’s much more useful/efficient with raids today!