Paladin Healing – Onyxia
September 28, 2009, 12:02 pm
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Hello everyone! Today I’ll talk about some tips for paladin healing in the Onyxia Raid encounter. Yesterday me and a couple of highly geared pugs on our server decided to go in and smash Ony in the mouth, it was a hard fought battle but we came out on top! Here are some key points to the fight to remember:

Trash Mobs:
1. Trash hits really hard, make sure you got Holy Lights incoming on the tank with aggro. Keep beacon on him to help raid heal the aoe damage the lair guardians do as well.

Onyxia Herself:
Phase 1
1. Keep Sacred Shield up on your tank -as always- this will help buffer the incoming damage of her melee and breath attacks to the tank.
2. Make sure you’re in front and running right behind the tank on the pull, it’s easy for tanks to charge in and go out of range of the healers, be ready to go!
3. The incoming damage at times can be spikey, a combination of Holy Lights, and FoL+Shocks will do the trick.

Phase 2
1. Do your best not to aggro at the beggining of this phase the whelps, I usually stack on top of the tank while healing so my aggro will attract the whelps to the tank, and he can pick them off me with a stomp, or consecration. Divine Shield, Hand of Protection, and Hand of Salvation work really well here.
2. Fireballs don’t hit for much and are negligable damage to the raid, your main priority is keeping beacon of light up on the tank taking the lair guardian adds, like in the previous trash pulls before, they hit like a truck and healing prioty for beacon should be on that tank always. I usually beacon the guardian tank and focus heal the whelp tank, while the whelp tank can take negligable damage, you help maximize your healing in this phase that way.
3. Stay out of he Deep Breath!! :0)

Phase 3
1. Pretty much a repeat of Phase 1 to be honest, keep beacon up on the tank and heal hard on the raid members who take damage from lava, or any additional adds left

Sidenote: -Always- good to have a shaman for Heroism and tremor totem, makes the encounter 100 times easier

Grats! You should be able to kill that *female dragon expletive* with ease!

Good Luck, and happy healing!