Guild Update: Trial of the Crusader Down!! Top 10 Guild!!
November 20, 2009, 7:26 pm
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As I’m sitting here in bed typing these blog entries from my iPhone, I figured why not update you guys on the progress of my guild.

Ironfist-US-Arathor-Alliance: The guild was founded by me on September 28th 2009, in only 2 months, we’ve progressed through all of WOTLK 10 man raid content. ALL OF IT!

Ironfist has been blessed with some of Arathors nicest, most generous, and skilled players Arathor has to offer, we really got lucky and we have a really solid group of folks who play online.

The guild has really taken off, and it has a unique set of rules and policies in place to ensure that everything is far, and GUARANTEES people a chance to raid based on certain guidelines, which are also extremely fair.

I have to toot my own guilds horn a bit, we’ve accomplished a lot, and we’ve all become really good friends.

We’re still recruiting, any and all classes, a few more ToC level Tanks and DPS would be nice!! 🙂

See you in-game!


Currently Recruiting! All Classes/Specs
September 28, 2009, 3:50 pm
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Server: Arathor – US
Faction: Alliance
Guild: Ironfist

Ironfist is an Alliance Guild on the Arathor – US Server. Ironfist was created as an alternative to the hardcore raiding guilds, to allow players from all backgrounds (casual, to hardcore) the freedom to do as they want to have fun, and not pressure or force anyone to do anything. We are first and foremost a fair, respectable, and helpful guild looking to experience end game content, without the rigorous 20 hour schedule other guilds demand from players.

Here, you will be ‘allowed’ to have a REAL LIFE…..

Currently we are looking primarily for:

2 Tank Positions:
Death Knight

2-4 Healing Positions:

All Dps Classes:

We raid 2-3 times a week usually Mon/Wed/Friday we try to have Friday be our 25 man or ‘Progression’ or Hard Mode nights, once we get more folks recruited, We have various things going on on off-nights as well like VoA, OS, Maly, Etc…:

Raid Times Are:
7:30 – 10pm EST
6:30 – 9pm CST
5:30 – 8pm MST
4:30 – 7pm PST

Please visit our website to fill out an application if you’re interested!

Hope to see you soon!

Guild Information
September 28, 2009, 3:48 pm
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Hello everyone! I recently created a new guild since my old one sadly broke up 😦

I am now officially the GM for Ironfist, an Alliance guild on the Arathor-US server.

Here’s our guild website:

Hope to see you in game soon!! 🙂