3.3 Healing Libram: Libram of Blinding Light

Today we’re going to quickly talk about the new healing libram from Icecrown Citadel (or emblems of Frost) Libram of Blinding Light.

Libram of blinding Light: Holy Shock Heals grant 85 Spell Power lasting for 15 seconds, this can stack up to 3 times, and will stay as long as you continue to keep the 15 second buff up by continuing to cast holy shock.

Okay, so you can potentially get 255 spell power out of this libram….. is that it?

We get a 20+ spell power increase in comparison to the libram of veracity, which if you are running Icecrown by now you should more then likely have this in slot since you have over 30k mana nearly unbuffed. 20 spell power to me is negligible and will make no difference whatsoever.

ALSO, the fact that the stacking buff only last 15 seconds will make it an even bigger pain in the butt to keep up, given the fact that we need to keep up sacred shield AND beacon of light every 30-60 seconds.

Getting the full benefit of this libram will take over 20 seconds to achieve given that Holy Shock unglyphed is on a 6 second cooldown.

Also, as a paladin, holy shock is used as my ‘life saver spell’ or my spell on the move, when a healer or myself takes some spike damage while im focus healing the tanks, I use holy shock to help out with a quick heal to keep that person or myself alive. With this libram you would have to basically keep Holy shock on CD throughout a fight, taking away your on demand quick heal that we’ve grown accustomed to having….. Not good when you have to keep healing while on the move.

So after careful thought and consideration, the only positive use for this libram to me would be for a ‘raid healing’ paladin that isn’t focused on chain casting holy lights to keep up with damage, soemone who pvps, or someone who wants it to boost the already misleading ‘gearscore’…..

I’ll be staying with Veracity personally…


Paladin Healing Librams

Today we’re going to talk about the available librams for paladin healing, and which one’s are probably best in slot based on our healing build.

I’ll start out by listing the librams, and describing their individual niches to healing.

Libram of Renewal – Reduces Mana cost of Holy Light by 113.

Libram of Tolerance – Increases spell power of Holy Light by 114.

Deadly Gladiator’s Libram of Justice – Increases spell power of Flash of Light by 331.

Libram of the Resolute – Increases spell power of Holy Light by 160.

Libram of Veracity – Each time you cast Holy Light you have a chance to gain 234 spell power for 15 seconds.

Now lets talk about these librams for a minute, starting with LoRenewal. This libram is one of the most prized and sought after librams for it’s Holy Light mana discount. Spamming Holy Light in high damage fights is something that happens regularly in post naxx raids, having this libram in the slot will enable you to cast more holy light’s then without it. Bottom line it increases your casting time for your most expensive healing spell, which is really good.

LoTolerance, and LotResolute, increases the spell power of Holy Light, these librams can be bought from a vender nowadays, but I wouldn’t put this in the slot unless I had upwards of 27-30k mana. Having the mana longevity is key for long fights in pre ToC gear.

Deadly/Furious/Relentless Librams of Justice- Increases spell power of flash of light by a lot! This is a pvp libram for a reason, FoL is not sustainable in a raid healing encounter. While it -is- possible to do so, using this libram will make your FoL hit for about 8-9k in a Holy/Prot build. However, this will make your holy light’s worthless, and FoL won’t be able to keep up with boss fights, use only for pvp.

Finally we have LoVeracity, this is the new libram that can be bought for 19 Triumph emblems, I like this libram for end game raiding paladins. At this time, I’m raiding at about 31k mana, while having the renewal libram in slot will definitly give me -endless like- mana, having that much mana gives you some leeway in terms of beefing up your spells. You no longer really have to worry about watching your mana bar, as long as Divine Plea is on CD, you should be fine.

I like this libram because of the paladin healing style nowadays, I cast Holy Light 50-60 times in a fight, this libram increases the spell power globally, making your shocks and FoL heal more as well. From what I’ve read, it’s nearly 100% uptime on the buff, so long as you continue to cast Holy Light, which paladins normally are. When you have an insane amount of mana, and you’re responsible enough to watch your mana pool in a fight, go for this as BiS for your holy paladin.

Tier 9 – Paladin Healing Set, Trial of the Crusader
September 18, 2009, 2:03 pm
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Today, let’s talk about the new Paladin Healing set from Trial of the Crusader. Here are the set bonuses:

2 Piece: Increases duration of your judgement effects by 10 seconds
4 Piece: Increases the Flash of Light heal over time effect by 100%

At first glance I wasn’t to happy with the set bonuses for the new tier pieces. After all, how much has judgement of light -really- improved my healing? The 4 piece bonus seems kinda cool, with potential 1k tick heals every second, that sounds pretty nice for Paladin heals to me.

Currently I have 3 pieces of the tier 9 set, so I’ve had time to see how the 2 piece set bonus REALLY works. Basically, with the increased amount of time for the judgement, it prevents YOUR judgement from being overwritten by other paladins in a raid.

In some fights, my judgement of light effect was my #2 most healing spell in my rotation! It accounted for about 10-15% of my healing in some fights. It’s best use is in large raid damage fights, and keeping it up 100% of the time will make all those healing ticks count toward your meter. So I think it’s actually kinda nice, to me it’s way better then the T7 or T8 2 piece bonus.

Why? Because Holy shock only accounts for about 5% of my healing, Flash of Light and Holy Light are my two biggest ones, heck, even the Holy Light Glyph heals for about the same or more then what I normally heal with Holy Shock. Making a once, sorta useless spell, count toward your healing continuously is really good to me.

The 4 piece bonus like I said before will be really nice, and will definitly give you some padded protection from spike damage.

Just think about it, if you keep your sacred shield up, thats going to absord about 3k damage alone, then you have about 2.5k ticks of heals between boss swings, you’ve just taken 5k damage from those ‘passive’ spells alone, and you haven’t counted your Holy Light yet! ūüôā

How to manage your most expensive spell, Holy Light

Today we’re going to talk about the different items you can aquire to reduce the cost of your most EXPENSIVE spell, the Holy Light, and then we’ll discuss to see if we ~really~ have to acquire those items to be ‘raid healing viable’ and perform just as well or better without those items.

Let’s first talk about how much Holy Light costs to cast, Holy Light Rank 6 costs 29% of your base mana per cast.

Holy Paladin base mana = 4394 mana at level 80

29% of 4394 bas mana = 1274.26 mana

Let’s say we have a 20k mana pool, casting Holy Lights non stop and not critting and no replenishment will get you to just about 16 casts of holy light.

Holy light is roughly a 2 second cast to be conservative being raid buffed and so that leaves you with 32 seconds of healing, this alone will not get you through a boss fight, so what if we -reduce- the cost of Holy Light? Can we lengthen our time to heal by making it cheaper to cast? Let’s see what we can do to bring down that spell.

1. Paladin T7-7.5 4-piece set bonus = -5% reduction to Holy Light

5% of 1274.26 = 63.71 mana discount

2. Libram of Renewal reduces mana cost of Holy Light by 113.

113 mana discount from libram

3. Glyph of Seal of Wisdom reduces the cost of ALL spells by 5%

5% of 1274.26 = 63.71 mana discount

so in total if we have all three Holy Light reducing items equiped, its a total mana discount of 240.42 mana. Thats a pretty big discount!

This makes Holy Light cost 1033.84 instead of 1274.26!!

Casting the discounted Holy Light with a 20k mana pool like before with no replenishment and no critting will get you roughly 20 casts.

20 casts at roundabout 2 sec cast = 40 seconds of healing

So we increased our healing time by 8 seconds, that’s pretty impressive, almost an entire minute of spamming our most costly spell and gaining no replenishment.

Let’s talk about replenishment, we have:

Divine Plea = 25% of total mana returned in 15 seconds
(20k mana pool that would equal about 1666 MP5 for 15 seconds alone, the reason why we love intellect so much)

Illumination = 60% mana return if your healing spells crit
(we’ll use the discounted Holy Light as an example: 60% if 1033.84 = 620.3 mana returned, this talent alone cuts your Holy Light cost in half, the reason why we love crit so much.)

Replenishment = .25% mana per second for 15 seconds based on your max mana pool, roughly 3.75% mana replenishment in 15 seconds.
(.25% from 20k mana pool = 50 mana per second return, or 750 mana returned in 15 seconds)

**Divine Illumination – reduces the cost of all spells by 50% for 15 seconds, technically we can use this to reduce the cost of Holy Light but since its a 15 second buff that’s on a 3 minute Cooldown I decided not to include it to make things easy math wise.

We then have Blessing of Wisdom which returns 92 mp5 untalented and 109 improved through talents, and of course any mana per 5 thats included with the gear you have.

To be conservative let’s say we have around 200 MP5 from gear alone before we add in all of our replenishment, that’s a conservative number including rings trinkets, weapons, anything that may have MP5 on it.

Then lets add in all of our replenishment factors and see what kind of mana retrurn we see during fights. This is all going to be done through Mana per 5 seconds.

200 MP5 Mana from gear
250 MP5 Mana from replenishment
1666 MP5 Mana from Divine Plea
109 MP5 Mana from improved blessing of wisdom
2225 MP5 from these abilities ALONE, these do not include mana returned from crits, OR Divine Illumination cutting the cost of all spells in half for 15 seconds every 3 minutes.

In summary, gearing to reduce the cost of Holy Light is ideal, T8 and beyond do not have any Holy Light modifiers, but the Libram with the glyph should get you to where you need to be Holy Light wise moving forward with new tier pieces.

The evolution of gear, a Holy Paladin perspective

Today I’m going to talk about the differences between the current T7.5 sets and compare the itemization and set bonuses with the Ulduar T8 version to see how ‘upgrading’ to the higher ilvl items will effect our class.

Looking at the T7 gear from Naxxramas, for paladins you’ll find a very large amount of crit on the gear.¬† Given the talent builds and more specifically our ‘Illumination’ talent, ¬†we have with patch 3.0-3.1 Paladins gain a significant amount of replenishment from crits, so logically this is the most reasonable choice for ‘best in slot’ purposes.¬† It comes with a¬†sizable amount of spell power and can be gemmed to suit any healing build reasonably.¬† The Tier 7 set bonuses are (2 piece) Holy shock gains +10% crit chance (4 piece) Holy Light’s mana cost is discounted 5%.

The 2-piece set bonus is fantastic, Holy Shock costs a sizeable amount of mana, so the increase in crit chance helps alleviate that cost by returning mana through illumination when it -does crit-.

The 4-piece set bonus is great because during longer fights when you have to use your largest healing spell, the 5% mana reduction can add up.  This will allow you to practically chain cast Holy Light to your hearts content. 

With the current state of Illumination, the T7 set is an excellent set for raiding.  It hits home on our most prized talent for replenishment and gives us enough spell power to cast 20k Holy Light crits, gotta love it.

Now lets take a look at the Ulduar gear upgrades, in comparison to the T7 Naxxramas gear, you’ll find that the total gear only crit is REDUCED from 184 to 153!!¬† What happened to 31 points of crit on our gear?!!?¬† Spell power was increased significantly from 391 to 481 spell power.¬† MP5 on the new T8 gear was buffed up from 35 to 74 Mana Regeneration.¬† So let’s think about what happens here, our crits ultimately decrease by a marginal amount reducing our replenishment from illumination, our spell power is buffed so we’re going to cast larger critting heals when we -do- crit, and we get double the amount of MP5¬†which increases our baseline replenishment across the board no matter if we crit or not. Let’s look at the set bonuses: (2 piece) Holy Shock crits place a Heal over time effect healing for 15% of the shocked amount (4 piece) Sacred Shield triggers every 4 seconds instead of every 6 seconds.

The 2 Piece bonus I think is kind of nifty, Paladins at the moment don’t have any HoTs they can apply to targets, binding your Holy Shock with your instant crit ability will make this a really nice bonus.

The 4 Piece bonus is nice as well, this would ultimately proc the +50% chance to crit with FoL and keep a 100% up-time, coupling this set bonus with the Holy/Prot build would practically make you have Disc Priest sized shields on the tank yes? (maybe i’m exaggerating lol)

Why would blizzard ‘buff’ MP5 and not crit for holy paladins?

The class designers for paladins have mentioned in their forum posts that they’ve wanted to make MP5 a bit more of a stat that Paladins look at as a source of significant replenishment, but not to the point where we would ignore crit completely.¬† As of right now, most paladins are¬†gearing/gemming to completely ignore MP5 and it’s working.¬† This makes our Illumination talent, ‘Overpowered’ in the eyes of the game developers when we rely to heavily on one specific stat when crit in reality isn’t a pure ‘replenishment’ stat.¬†HOWEVER, developers were okay with Illumination being overpowered because we are SINGLE target healers, they could justify our class to have unbelievable single target healing ability, because we aren’t viable to heal raid damage in most cases.¬† This will change after patch 3.2…….why you ask?

Beacon of Light will allow us to be ‘raid healing viable’ duplicating 100% of our heals (even if overhealed) to the beaconed target.¬† Probably the biggest buff to Paladins healing since WOTLK, but with great power comes great nerfs to balance….

So after patch 3.2 hits, our beloved Illumination talent is going to be hit with the nerf bat.¬† Instead of being credited back 60% of the base mana cost, it’s getting nerfed to credit back 30%, a 50% slashing of replenishment from crits alone.¬† Our Divine Intellect¬†talent is ALSO getting the nerf bat increasing intellect 10% down from 15%.¬† All because they feel we’re ‘raid healing viable’ now.

They’re buffing MP5 on all gear after 3.2 as well i guess to alleviate some of the replenishment issues by focusing on crit purely.¬† We’re not going to get as much mana back from crits like we used to, and -SPAMMING- Holy Light is not going to be an option for Paladin healers any longer.

After patch 3.2 MP5 will/should be raised to reasonable levels to make us think of stacking it for replenishment.  At very high levels MP5 -can- be overpowered, but rest assured the game developers will be keeping a close watch, and will make adjustments as they see fit if MP5 starts to get out of hand.

SO, as you can see there is an ‘evolution’ of gear moving from T7 to T8, pre patch 3.2 I would say T7-7.5 would be ‘best in slot’ since it capitalizes on our main illumination talent, and provides the best mana efficiency to our most mana costly spells.¬†

After 3.2 launches and the talent tree changes take effect, T8 would probably be best in slot.¬† T9 gear will also be available after the patch so we’ll do another comparison then once it goes live to see how it fares to the new mechanics of pally healing and see which set capitalizes on our strengths the most.

Below is a link showing the item comparison on wowhead.com:

Gear choices, ‘What should I look for?’
July 20, 2009, 2:19 pm
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Regarding gear

These stats are ranked in order of priority when choosing gear. One rule of thumb I use is to be as evenly spread between your top stats as possible (more on this as you continue reading)

Intellect: Intellect provides a larger mana pool and critical strike rating, allowing you to cast more spells and crittically hit more often with spells at the same time. Intellect is the number one desired stat Holy Paladins look for.

Spell Power: Spell power increases the amount healed (or damaged) for any given spell. Very simple to understand here.

Critical Strike Rating: Holy Paladins have a number of talents adding to critical strike rating. Speccing into Illumination (which is required as a holy paladin) will reward you by returning a portion of the mana it costs to cast the spell after a spell critical strike.

Mana per 5 seconds: This is the primary source of mana replenishment for holy paladins. To put it simply more MP5 on gear will allow you to cast spells longer then gear without it. With the recent changes to MP5 and Paladin mana regeneration, this is a very important stat for mana longevity while healing boss fights.

Personally I think mana regen/longevity is MOST important, as of right now my first choice when enhancing my gear with enchants/gems I go for Intellect. The larger mana pool AND crit chance increase is perfect to achieve optimal mana longevity, and higher chances of hitting those bigger heals. This increases the replenishment effect and makes your Divine Plea spell much more potent since it’s mana return is a percentage based off your total mana pool.

Once you start gaining better gear, try shooting for 2000+spell power, and at least 20-21k mana pool as a baseline. Your crit percent should at least be at or around 30%. Those are decent numbers to shoot for from naxx 10/25 gear going into the Ulduar (Of course you can achieve much higher numbers if you are grand master in a profession such as jewelcrafting with the unique enhancements for your profession, these numbers set a goal to achieve to provide decent healing ability)