Paladin Healing: Deathbringer Saurfang

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to talk about the Deathbringer Saurfang fight in Icecrown Citadel. While this fight looks simple on paper, it takes strong dps, focus, and execution to down this guy. Let’s dive in shall we?

So Deathbringer has a few abilities and mechanics you have to watch out for and otherwise ‘control’. He has a power system called ‘Blood Power’ which shows as a ‘rage bar’ under his health. It goes to 100 and every time he lands an attack on a player he gains 1 ‘Blood point’ and then increases his damage for every point as well.

The goal is to try and prevent him from getting 100 blood points as best as you can and kill him before the fight gets exponentially hard to heal through.

When he gets to 100 blood points he expends it all on an ability called ‘Mark of the Fallen Champion’ which basically looks like a blood DKs rune weapon striking the person he casts it on….but…it doesn’t stop. It continuously hits that person throughout the duration of the fight, even if they die and are battle ressed that person will still have the mark.

MoFC hits for a serious amount and it hits fast so be sure to keep that person topped off as best you can with Holy Shocks and FoL’s as you’ll be focusing on Main Tank Heals.

Tanks have to watch out for Rune of Blood which Deathbringer casts on the target he is aggro’d to. Tanks will be switching and taking spike damage so be ready to switch tanks to heal on the fly.

Your ranged dps and yourself will be spread out at max healing range behind the boss in this fight. Deathbringer uses an ability called ‘Blood Nova’ on a random player with will splash and hit nearby players if you’re too close. Remember each hit gives him blood power, so staying spread out controls his power gain to a degree. The less, the better.

Deathbringer also casts a Blood boil ability which ticks damage on you for 8 seconds, AND gives him 8 blood power. You can counter this by casting Hand of Protection on any of your Allys who have it, and casting divine shield on yourself should you get it. That’s 16 blood points you saved right there!

The last mechanic to this fight includes two adds that the Deathbringer will spawn called Blood Beasts. These need to be killed and kited by your Ranged DPS as fast as possible. When they first spawn they will head straight for your healers, so watch out if one gets to close to you. What we normally have is a hunter or shaman apply a slow effect spell on the creatures when they spawn, allowing the dps time to kill at least one before the second beast starts getting close to dps or healers.

Blood beasts will give the Deathbringer 1 blood point per hit, and they hit FAST, so control these guys and you’ll down him no problem. Keep your Hammer of justice ready in case one gets close as they are susceptible to stuns.

If you can control the Deathbringer’s blood points as well as his blood beasts with your dps and kiting ability, you’ve won the fight. Mark of the Fallen Champion becomes very difficult to heal when you have more then two marks on the raid.

As a tip we found it easier for the paladin to beacon one person with the mark, and focus heal a second person with the mark just to keep them alive, as the raid healer began focus healing the tanks/raid. It starts getting hairy when you don’t control that blood power!

Good luck and happy hunting!