Paladin Healing: Icecrown Gunship Battle

After defeating lady deathwhisper, your next challenge is facing off the horde in a battle to the upper tier of the citadel itself. In this fight you have an ‘offensive team’ and a ‘defensive team’ and the goal of the encounter is to damage the enemy ship enough to force them to retreat before your ship goes down. It’s a very fun fight and has some challenging mechanics, let’s dive in shall we?

As a Holy Paladin, you’ll want to be the tank healer primarily for the defense team, assign a tank healer for the offensive team, but just know that you will actually help to heal BOTH tanks in this fight, even when the offensive tank is on the OTHER ship!

During the fight there’s a few things you have to watch out for particularly for the defensive team. Number 1, place your beacon on the defensive tank, the dps and yourself on defense will be taking spike raid damage from the opposing teams axe throwers, so keep heals on your defense tank 100% of the time as you help to heal your teammates.

The offensive tank will jet pack to the opposing teams ship and begin tanking the commander, in our case it was overlord saurfang or something. Have you offensive tank pull him close to the edge of the enemy battleship, while you have your offensive healer focus healing his tank, you can help heal the offensive tank as you position yourself on the edge of your ship. This is important for what I’m about to explain.

The enemy commander gains a buff that increases physical damage by 20 or so percent every few seconds, you cannot let this stack higher then 12 stacks, or else your offensive tank will be one shotted. So, inorder to counter this buff the enemy commander gains, your entire offensive team needs to jump back and let the buff wear off, it takes 10 seconds for it to wear off by the way.

The thing about this mechanic though is that your offensive healer won’t be healing for a few seconds as their jumping back to your ship, have them coordinate as best as they can, but your supplemental heals to the offense tank will be the life saver during the transition as the tank will not be getting any heals from his primary healer. Gotta love Beacon of light! 🙂

All the while on defense your healing through raid damage from axethowers and keeping your tank alive, you have to also dodge rockets from the enemy ship, they display on the ground as large runes that must be avoided, they do about 9-10k damage, so you need to be aware of where they are and avoid them as necessary.

Rinse and repeat until all the mages are dead and their gunship goes down!

Happy Hunting!


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