Paladin Healing: Lady Deathwhisper

So! We’ve mastered the Lord of Bones Marrowgar last week, this week we tackled Lady Deathwhisper, High Queen of the Cult of the Damned! She was promptly put to rest….

Ok, so this is a 2 phase fight.

Phase 1 Your dps needs to eliminate the mana barrier Lady Deathwhisper has protecting herself, while controlling and killing the minions she spawns until her shield is gone. This requires sustained high DPS to control the adds in a timely fashion, as well as coordination from your tanks to control the ghouls that are transformed from the fanatics since they hit so hard.

Healing this in Phase 1 there should only be 2 healers this entire fight, yourself the Paladin healer, will be focus healing the OT while beacon healing the Main Tank. The second healer should really be an aoe raid healer as there is spike raid damage done throughout the raid that needs to be topped off ASAP, having two single target healers will be difficult.

Throughout the entire fight deathwhisper will put down a hard hitting death and decay, all players need to be aware of it and move from it immediately, the problem our group faced was that the DnD was hitting our players more then it should have been and the adherent adds were finishing them off with shadowbolts. Stay away from death and decay!!

Adherents will cast a curse that needs to be dispelled immediately which increases all your cool down times to 15 seconds, even instant abilities, basically you can’t cast anything for 15 secs. It absolutely sucks. We had our mage dispel to allow our shaman healer to focus on healing the raid.

So you’re focus healing the tanks, as a paladin healer phase 1 should be a breeze if the adds and curses are being controlled correctly and you’re staying out of death and decay yourself.

Phase 2 begins when Lady Deathwhispers mana reaches zero, she no longer summons minions in to help her, however try to make sure your raid kills all the adds first before getting her to phase 2.

Phase 2 is a tank and spank for the most part concerning the dps and tanks, the tanks will have to taunt off each other because she will do a stacking threat debuff to the tanks so keep beacon up on the tank that has aggro at all times.

Phase 2 also brings in a new ability called frostbolt volley, where Lady Deathwhisper will hit the entire raid for 5k frost damage, you cant avoid it you have to heal through it. Keep beacon on the tank with aggro and help raid heal, keeping everyone topped off is 100% vital.

Lady Deathwhisper will summon these small ghost minions that stay alive for a few seconds and chase someone in the raid, if it gets near anyone it will explode for 18k damage!!!!! (This is why it’s so important to keep everyone topped off.) Try to run away from these, from my experience, it’s difficult to move around and heal while running from these things, they are dangerous!! Make healing their target the priority if they do in fact explode.

The last ability she does in phase 2 is a Shadowfrost bolt to the tank that has aggro, it does unmitigated 40k damage!!! And will nearly one shot your tank, luckily this ability can be interrupted, but if your rogue is dead in a ten man like ours was, get ready for a rough phase 2. The ability nearly 1 shots your tank, you’ll have beacon on them the entire time if it does indeed hit your tank, so an impending big heal should always be on the way, but any unlucky frostbolt volley or death and decay or exploding ghost will surely kill your tank.

Good luck in there healing through this high level damage!!!


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