3.3 Healing Libram: Libram of Blinding Light

Today we’re going to quickly talk about the new healing libram from Icecrown Citadel (or emblems of Frost) Libram of Blinding Light.

Libram of blinding Light: Holy Shock Heals grant 85 Spell Power lasting for 15 seconds, this can stack up to 3 times, and will stay as long as you continue to keep the 15 second buff up by continuing to cast holy shock.

Okay, so you can potentially get 255 spell power out of this libram….. is that it?

We get a 20+ spell power increase in comparison to the libram of veracity, which if you are running Icecrown by now you should more then likely have this in slot since you have over 30k mana nearly unbuffed. 20 spell power to me is negligible and will make no difference whatsoever.

ALSO, the fact that the stacking buff only last 15 seconds will make it an even bigger pain in the butt to keep up, given the fact that we need to keep up sacred shield AND beacon of light every 30-60 seconds.

Getting the full benefit of this libram will take over 20 seconds to achieve given that Holy Shock unglyphed is on a 6 second cooldown.

Also, as a paladin, holy shock is used as my ‘life saver spell’ or my spell on the move, when a healer or myself takes some spike damage while im focus healing the tanks, I use holy shock to help out with a quick heal to keep that person or myself alive. With this libram you would have to basically keep Holy shock on CD throughout a fight, taking away your on demand quick heal that we’ve grown accustomed to having….. Not good when you have to keep healing while on the move.

So after careful thought and consideration, the only positive use for this libram to me would be for a ‘raid healing’ paladin that isn’t focused on chain casting holy lights to keep up with damage, soemone who pvps, or someone who wants it to boost the already misleading ‘gearscore’…..

I’ll be staying with Veracity personally…


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