Paladin Healing: Lord Marrowgar

And so begins our journey into Icecrown Citadel! My guild Ironfist-Arathor-US, made our first foray into the new raid instance and did not come away empty handed!!

In this post I’ll go over the healing required for the ten man version of Lord Marrowgar. Our healing setup included:

Disc Priest

The Paladin was assigned to healing both tanks during this fight.
The shaman was in charge of supplement heals on the tank and raid healing his group.
The Disc priest was in charge of supplement heals on the tanks and raid healing his group as well.

Marrowgar has a nasty damage dealing ability called Saber Lash, it’s split between the main tank and the closest person standing next to him, the off tank. The damage is so strong that the Paladin will be focused healing those two people throughout the duration of the fight. I racked up 5k HPS just focusing on those two!

The next ability to watch out for was his Bone Storm, its on a 60sec cooldown and basically he whirlwinds the whole room focusing on random people. Despite the fact that being up close to the boss like that getting a ‘whirlwind’ the damage is healable, this is where your raid healers focus on healing their groups and the paladin tops off anyone within his range, quick heals like FoL and Holy shock are life savers here.

The main thing to watch out for as a healer during the bonestorm are the Cold Flame lines of fire the boss puts down. Cold Flame is cast throughout the entire fight and does 7k damage per tick, so you’ll always have to watch out for it, especially when he’s whirling around the room shooting it at everyone.

The last thing to watch out for is Bonespike Graveyard, Bonespike does some decent damage to the person who is spike, use your holy shock to help keep that person alive, especially if its a fellow healer.

If you paladin healer gets spiked your raid healers have to pick up the slack on the tank healing, be very vocal on vent when you pally healer gets spiked, as the person who is controlling the most damaging attack in the fight is incapacitated!!!

Good luck downing Marrowgar and don’t feel bad winning the caster dps sword either!!! 🙂

That’s me on the far right of this picture!!!! 🙂


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