Flash of Light: A ‘filler’ to get your Holy Lights on track…

Flash of Light, our quick and easy bandaid to a healing situation aside from Holy Shock.

I was thinking recently about how when two paladins are raiding, there is a small chance that their heals may ‘intertwine’ one another, and the ‘big heal’ won’t come at the right time when both paladins are healing at the same time…..if that makes sense.

Something you can do to avoid this, is to use Flash of light as your ‘in between filler spell’ so you can somewhat heal reactively to the damage when the tank actually needs it.

I’ve heard some dual pally teams have one spamming FoL the entire time while the other spams Holy Light, either way you go, I think you can sustain your healing using this spell in between holy lights.

This also keeps up your flash of light HoT, and during the ‘filler’ stage, you can refresh your sacred shields as well! 🙂


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