3.3 Possible Paladin Changes

So the PTR is chock full of mechanic changing talents coming to the paladin class. Here’s the list so far: (Remember, none of this may even make it into the final patch build, so don’t go crazy just yet. )

* Lay on Hands now causes Forbearance when used on self.
* Infusion of Light now causes your Flash of Light to heal targets with Sacred Shield for an additional 50/100% over 12 sec.
* Flash of Light no longer heals for an additional 100% over 12 sec if the target has the Sacred Shield effect.

Forbearance when used on self – This is a primrily PVP BG change in my mind, since in PVE we’re usually using our LoH to save a Tank or use a mitigation cooldown. Not a big deal for us here as Holy Paladins.

Flash of Light no longer causes the HoT effect when used in conjunction with Sacred Shield. This is another PVP change, Ret paladins will effectively bubble themselves, cast FoL when AoW procs, if it crits, the Ret pally then has Sheath of Light AND FoL Hot Ticks doing insane amounts of healing AND absorbing damage. Gotta say, I saw this one coming.

Infusion of Light will grant Holy Paladins the ability to apply the HoT from FoL, no other paladin tree will have this ability, except of course ret with sheath of light.

So basically, nothing has really changed here from our traditional healing mechanics as Holy Paladins once the patch goes live so far. Early on in the PTR, they changed sacred shield to only proc once every 30 seconds. Infusion of light ALSO had the description to show that it reduces the proc chance down back to every 6 seconds, making Sacred Shield a Holy Paladin primary shield. They then changed it so it really doesn’t matter.

And so continues the wonderous class balancing act Blizzard puts in come every patch time. See you in Icecrown! 🙂


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