Paladin Healing – Anub’ Arak (ToCr)

Happy Friday morning everyone!!! What a week it has been! I’ve posted almost everyday this week to finally get through giving healing tips and strategies for Paladins in the Trial of the Crusader Raid!

Today we come to Anub’ Arak, the final boss of the Tier 9 raid Trial of the Crusader!

The fight itself has some pretty cool mechanics with the permafrost orbs that floart on top of the room, as well as burrowing adds, and scarabs that spit poison at you. It’s a really fun fight, especially during the ‘enrage’ period!! Let’s dive in shall we?

Things to look out for in this fight:
1. The fight starts out as a normal tank and spank, Anub hits really hard so you need to make sure you’re in healing range of the tank at all times during the pull, Anub can easily 2-shot a 40k hp tank so keep the healing throughput coming during this phase of the fight.
2. Put beacon on the main tank, the Offtank will be picking up Nerubian Burrowers throughout the fight and making sure they are positioned on top of the permafrost layers the dps is laying on the ground, the damage is decent with one up, but when the second add spawns, keep healing both of the tanks. There really isnt any raid damage duringthis phase of the fight.
3. Anub will eventually burrow his way underground, make sure you know where he is at all times and run away from him when he targets you or comes in your direction after another player. Making him ‘run into’ the permafrost layers will stun him and force him to change targets.
4. DPS will be the only ones killing scarabs in this phase, they don’t hit that hard but they do a stacking debuff that does damage and gets stronger on melee targets they hit. I believe they can spit the debuff on ranged dps as well, I’m not sure but during this phase use your divine plea and try not casting that much. You can really regain a lot of mana back during this phase.
5. When he resurfaces focus healing the tnak and keep beacon up on him, Anub comes out swinging so keep the Holy Lights comin on the tank.
6. Rinse and repeat until the enrage phase, at 35% Anub begins casting a raid wide aoe that does damage based on a percentage of your health. Keep the Main Tank filled up at ALL times, this is very healing intensive and your raid will be hovering around 50% health with raid heals but you need to focus healing the tank. Keeping beacon on him helps because you can spam holy light on the raid and help ‘raid heal’ with beacon and your holy light glyph. You should be at the top of the healing meters especially during this phase.

Keep everyone alive and you got yourself a big dead beetle laying before you, good job!!

You’ve made it this far, now gotry Trial of the GRAND Crusader! The bosses hit harder and the loot is so much sweeter, happy hunting!!


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