Paladin Healing – Twin Valkyers

Good morning! We’re approaching the final bosses of the Trial of the Crusader raid in HoSalvs Paladin Healing series. Today we have the Twin Valkyers, if you’ve made it this far, the coordination required for this fight shouldn’t be a problem at all, they may even seem to be a bit too easy to be the 4th boss encounter in this dungeon if you ask some people.

If things are done right, the fight shouldn’t last but about 4 minutes!

When the initial pull begins there will be two tanks, one on each side of the arena and charged with the opposite buff (either light or dark). As a healadin in this encounter, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose to start off with, the type of buff you choose really only counts if you’re doing actual damage to the boss.

Start off by beaconing the ‘Off tank’ and Focus heal on your Main Tank. Save your Holy Shocks and Instant FoL for any raid healing. The tanks are going to take an immense amount of damage during the vortex phase. So you will have to rely on your raid healers to top everyone else off.

Stand in the center of the room so you’re within range of the other tank to refresh your beacon every minute or so. When a vortex is about to begin, make sure you run and change light/dark debuffs so you dont take any raid damage but continue healing hard. The tanks will be able to take the damage so long as you keep up healing during that phase.

Zoom your camera out and be consciencious of where the light and dark essences are floating around the room. When you become empowered by these, it has no effect on your healing, this only gives a damage boost. Grab as many of the same colored ones as possible though to help reduce raid damage.

When an essence hits a player it does a good 10-15k damage to a player, it hits pretty hard, 2-3 chain exploding on an opposite colored player could equal a wipe, but stay focused and stead fast on your tanks, you MUST rely on them to heal through that damage.

Use your divine plea at anytimne throughout the fight except during the vortex phase, if you have any spell power trinkets use thme for this phase, it’s a high damage ability they cast that really stresses your tanks hp.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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