Paladin Healing – Faction Champions

At last we get to the Faction Champions in HoSalvs Paladin Healing Series of Trial of the Crusader. This is without a doubt a very intense fight, so hang on tight and get ready to heal so pretty SERIOUS damage!!

So this fight begins when you talk to the guy who starts all encounters and these champions drop to the arena floor on the opposite side of the room wanting to pick a fight with you and your fellow guildies.

It can be any combination of classes, but what drops are a few healers and the rest either melee or ranged dps. The fight itself is a huge pvp deathmatch against the opposite faction, these guys hit, and they hit hard.

Things to watch out for in this fight:
1. When the tank pulls he’s going to be targeted by ALL the champions at the very beginning of the fight, make sure you are mid-cast on a holy light as he’s pulling because he’s going to take a big hit at the beginning.
2. Set your beacon of light on any clothy in the party, the rule of thumb for this fight as a caster is taht when you see an npc targeting you, you must run, and run fast, kiting the npc around till he decides to change who he’s targeting. Clothys can be one shot easily by the paladin, death knight, and warrior.
3. Use your Hammer of Justice to help CC the healers at the beginning, our hammer is on a long cd, make sure you use it as the amount of time you take away from either a healing or damage dealing npc, matters A LOT.
4. Conserve your dispells for only the debuffs that either: snare a player from moving, stuns them, or incapacitates a player in any way. This fight is all about dps and you need to make sure your teammates can move around and be coherent so they can do that.
5. Focus heals ONLY on people who have aggro, if you use grid like me, there’s going to be a lot of people with red dots on their name showing they have aggro, give priority to the clothies, and spam heals on those folks until the red dot (aggro) disappears. Dont worry about healing ANYONE who does not have aggro, being proactive and overhealing before people take damage is safe to do in this encounter as well.

**be sure to use your turn evil on any demons that may be summoned during the fight by a warlock, this helps a lot.

Once you get 1-2 dps or healers down the fight becomes easy peezy, pop your divine plea once you’ve downed the first 1-2 npcs, you want as much healing throughput at the beginning of the fight as you can muster to keep everyone at 100%.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


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