Paladin Healing – Lord Jaraxxus

Hey there everyone! Sorry for taking so long to get you a new posting, I’ve been hard at work recruiting for my new guild and running them through content to get a feel on where we are progression wise.

It’s safe to say that we are Ulduar ready, having pushed through on our initial attempt all the way to Kologarn!

So today I’m going to talk about Lord Jaraxxus, the Eredar Demon Lord of the Burning Legion or whatever…. He looks badass, has some badass abilities, and does some badass damage to boot.

As a Paladin Healer, this fight will be pretty straight forward, here are the key points to this fight that you must pay attention to:

1. Keep Beacon of Light up on the Main tank, he’ll be taking the most damage throughout the fight, your raid will take some spike damage as well, get ready to be at the top of the healing charts when you start spamming Holy Light and raid healing.
2. Use Divine Plea, ONLY when there are no mistress of pain or demon rock elemental adds, you need to make sure you have maximum healing throughput during that ‘phase’ of the fight.
3. If FelFireball somehow is not interrupted make sure to dispel it quickly, it shows as a greenfireball on your raider if you have grid.
4. Try to have another healer focus on healing through incinerate flesh, why? Since you’re healing the main tank, you are always going to have beacon on him, if you try to heal an incinerate flesh person, your heal WILL NOT DUPLICATE BACK TO THE TANK. I have tested this and found it to be true that ABSORBED HEALS do NOT duplicate back to the beaconed target. Only until incinerate flesh is removed will your ‘overheals’ count.

As always be vocal in Vent, let people know if you’re debuffed to help heal the tank, or to dispel fel fireball on a person if you’re in the middle of a cast.

Good Luck, and happy hunting!


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