Paladin Healing – Obsidian Sanctum
October 1, 2009, 6:52 pm
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Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the delay in my post today, better late then never I always say 🙂

Today I’m going to talk about Paladin Healing the Sartharion encounter in Obsidian Sanctum. This is a huge damage fight, with a lot of twists and turns, especially when you have 1 or more of Sarth’s Twilight Drake Baddies help him on the fight! Let’s dive right in shall we?

The fight:
Sartharion is pretty much a tank and spank fight himself, he’s the traditional dragon, don’t stand in front of him, don’t stand behind him.

Sarth’s main attacks are melee, cleave, and Flame Breath on the tank. Throughout the fight, the battle area is bombarded with lava waves, coming from the south or the north.

There are ‘safe zones’ in between these waves, so it’s always important to keep your camera at max distance when your actually fighting him during this encounter.

Throughout the fight Fire Elementals will start swarming the raid, if these elementals hit a lava wave, they become enraged, and hit VERY hard.

The Set up:
So for this fight you’ll want two tanks, we’ll talk about the regular fight here, hard modes will have their own seperate post. The Main Tank will be on sartharion, the offtank will grab any free flowing fire elemental adds, and make sure none of them enrage by moving them into safe zones during the lava waves.

Sartharions position for the dps to begin doing their job for this fight is very important, the tank needs to make sure sartharion is eithe facing north or south, so the tank can move east or west to avoid lava waves and stay in safe zones himself.

Once Sartharion is in position, it’s an all out dps race. Watch out for lava waves, and watch out for enraged fire elementals.

Healing this fight as a Paladin is pretty straight forward, the regular version of this encounte can be done with either 2 or 3 healers. You will be of course, in charge of keeping the tank alive, expect spike damage from the frie breaths Sarth does to the tank, and any spike damage enraged elementals will do to your dps or healers.

I keep beacon on the main tank and heal the raid and the offtank accordingly, while always keeping an eye on my primary targets health.

Have your hand of protection handy to shield any dps or healers from loose adds, keep hand of salvation up for this too, but also to make sure a dps doesn’t pull aggro off the main tank. Having Sartharion turn around, face a damage dealer, and do a flame breath on the whole raid will pretty much be a wipe.

At about 20% he starts ‘enraging’ and he makes the volcano begin to spew out lava bombs and hit random players. This is an aoe healing intensive portion of the fight, but manageable in ten man regular.

The offtank during this fight should take negligible damage, if he’s good at keeping the flame elementals out of lava, you really dont have to worry about watching his health.

Have fun killing Sarth easy mode!! 🙂


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