Paladin Healing – Anub’ Arak (ToCr)

Happy Friday morning everyone!!! What a week it has been! I’ve posted almost everyday this week to finally get through giving healing tips and strategies for Paladins in the Trial of the Crusader Raid!

Today we come to Anub’ Arak, the final boss of the Tier 9 raid Trial of the Crusader!

The fight itself has some pretty cool mechanics with the permafrost orbs that floart on top of the room, as well as burrowing adds, and scarabs that spit poison at you. It’s a really fun fight, especially during the ‘enrage’ period!! Let’s dive in shall we?

Things to look out for in this fight:
1. The fight starts out as a normal tank and spank, Anub hits really hard so you need to make sure you’re in healing range of the tank at all times during the pull, Anub can easily 2-shot a 40k hp tank so keep the healing throughput coming during this phase of the fight.
2. Put beacon on the main tank, the Offtank will be picking up Nerubian Burrowers throughout the fight and making sure they are positioned on top of the permafrost layers the dps is laying on the ground, the damage is decent with one up, but when the second add spawns, keep healing both of the tanks. There really isnt any raid damage duringthis phase of the fight.
3. Anub will eventually burrow his way underground, make sure you know where he is at all times and run away from him when he targets you or comes in your direction after another player. Making him ‘run into’ the permafrost layers will stun him and force him to change targets.
4. DPS will be the only ones killing scarabs in this phase, they don’t hit that hard but they do a stacking debuff that does damage and gets stronger on melee targets they hit. I believe they can spit the debuff on ranged dps as well, I’m not sure but during this phase use your divine plea and try not casting that much. You can really regain a lot of mana back during this phase.
5. When he resurfaces focus healing the tnak and keep beacon up on him, Anub comes out swinging so keep the Holy Lights comin on the tank.
6. Rinse and repeat until the enrage phase, at 35% Anub begins casting a raid wide aoe that does damage based on a percentage of your health. Keep the Main Tank filled up at ALL times, this is very healing intensive and your raid will be hovering around 50% health with raid heals but you need to focus healing the tank. Keeping beacon on him helps because you can spam holy light on the raid and help ‘raid heal’ with beacon and your holy light glyph. You should be at the top of the healing meters especially during this phase.

Keep everyone alive and you got yourself a big dead beetle laying before you, good job!!

You’ve made it this far, now gotry Trial of the GRAND Crusader! The bosses hit harder and the loot is so much sweeter, happy hunting!!


Paladin Healing – Twin Valkyers

Good morning! We’re approaching the final bosses of the Trial of the Crusader raid in HoSalvs Paladin Healing series. Today we have the Twin Valkyers, if you’ve made it this far, the coordination required for this fight shouldn’t be a problem at all, they may even seem to be a bit too easy to be the 4th boss encounter in this dungeon if you ask some people.

If things are done right, the fight shouldn’t last but about 4 minutes!

When the initial pull begins there will be two tanks, one on each side of the arena and charged with the opposite buff (either light or dark). As a healadin in this encounter, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose to start off with, the type of buff you choose really only counts if you’re doing actual damage to the boss.

Start off by beaconing the ‘Off tank’ and Focus heal on your Main Tank. Save your Holy Shocks and Instant FoL for any raid healing. The tanks are going to take an immense amount of damage during the vortex phase. So you will have to rely on your raid healers to top everyone else off.

Stand in the center of the room so you’re within range of the other tank to refresh your beacon every minute or so. When a vortex is about to begin, make sure you run and change light/dark debuffs so you dont take any raid damage but continue healing hard. The tanks will be able to take the damage so long as you keep up healing during that phase.

Zoom your camera out and be consciencious of where the light and dark essences are floating around the room. When you become empowered by these, it has no effect on your healing, this only gives a damage boost. Grab as many of the same colored ones as possible though to help reduce raid damage.

When an essence hits a player it does a good 10-15k damage to a player, it hits pretty hard, 2-3 chain exploding on an opposite colored player could equal a wipe, but stay focused and stead fast on your tanks, you MUST rely on them to heal through that damage.

Use your divine plea at anytimne throughout the fight except during the vortex phase, if you have any spell power trinkets use thme for this phase, it’s a high damage ability they cast that really stresses your tanks hp.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Paladin Healing – Faction Champions

At last we get to the Faction Champions in HoSalvs Paladin Healing Series of Trial of the Crusader. This is without a doubt a very intense fight, so hang on tight and get ready to heal so pretty SERIOUS damage!!

So this fight begins when you talk to the guy who starts all encounters and these champions drop to the arena floor on the opposite side of the room wanting to pick a fight with you and your fellow guildies.

It can be any combination of classes, but what drops are a few healers and the rest either melee or ranged dps. The fight itself is a huge pvp deathmatch against the opposite faction, these guys hit, and they hit hard.

Things to watch out for in this fight:
1. When the tank pulls he’s going to be targeted by ALL the champions at the very beginning of the fight, make sure you are mid-cast on a holy light as he’s pulling because he’s going to take a big hit at the beginning.
2. Set your beacon of light on any clothy in the party, the rule of thumb for this fight as a caster is taht when you see an npc targeting you, you must run, and run fast, kiting the npc around till he decides to change who he’s targeting. Clothys can be one shot easily by the paladin, death knight, and warrior.
3. Use your Hammer of Justice to help CC the healers at the beginning, our hammer is on a long cd, make sure you use it as the amount of time you take away from either a healing or damage dealing npc, matters A LOT.
4. Conserve your dispells for only the debuffs that either: snare a player from moving, stuns them, or incapacitates a player in any way. This fight is all about dps and you need to make sure your teammates can move around and be coherent so they can do that.
5. Focus heals ONLY on people who have aggro, if you use grid like me, there’s going to be a lot of people with red dots on their name showing they have aggro, give priority to the clothies, and spam heals on those folks until the red dot (aggro) disappears. Dont worry about healing ANYONE who does not have aggro, being proactive and overhealing before people take damage is safe to do in this encounter as well.

**be sure to use your turn evil on any demons that may be summoned during the fight by a warlock, this helps a lot.

Once you get 1-2 dps or healers down the fight becomes easy peezy, pop your divine plea once you’ve downed the first 1-2 npcs, you want as much healing throughput at the beginning of the fight as you can muster to keep everyone at 100%.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Paladin Healing – Lord Jaraxxus

Hey there everyone! Sorry for taking so long to get you a new posting, I’ve been hard at work recruiting for my new guild and running them through content to get a feel on where we are progression wise.

It’s safe to say that we are Ulduar ready, having pushed through on our initial attempt all the way to Kologarn!

So today I’m going to talk about Lord Jaraxxus, the Eredar Demon Lord of the Burning Legion or whatever…. He looks badass, has some badass abilities, and does some badass damage to boot.

As a Paladin Healer, this fight will be pretty straight forward, here are the key points to this fight that you must pay attention to:

1. Keep Beacon of Light up on the Main tank, he’ll be taking the most damage throughout the fight, your raid will take some spike damage as well, get ready to be at the top of the healing charts when you start spamming Holy Light and raid healing.
2. Use Divine Plea, ONLY when there are no mistress of pain or demon rock elemental adds, you need to make sure you have maximum healing throughput during that ‘phase’ of the fight.
3. If FelFireball somehow is not interrupted make sure to dispel it quickly, it shows as a greenfireball on your raider if you have grid.
4. Try to have another healer focus on healing through incinerate flesh, why? Since you’re healing the main tank, you are always going to have beacon on him, if you try to heal an incinerate flesh person, your heal WILL NOT DUPLICATE BACK TO THE TANK. I have tested this and found it to be true that ABSORBED HEALS do NOT duplicate back to the beaconed target. Only until incinerate flesh is removed will your ‘overheals’ count.

As always be vocal in Vent, let people know if you’re debuffed to help heal the tank, or to dispel fel fireball on a person if you’re in the middle of a cast.

Good Luck, and happy hunting!

Paladin Healing – Obsidian Sanctum
October 1, 2009, 6:52 pm
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Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for the delay in my post today, better late then never I always say 🙂

Today I’m going to talk about Paladin Healing the Sartharion encounter in Obsidian Sanctum. This is a huge damage fight, with a lot of twists and turns, especially when you have 1 or more of Sarth’s Twilight Drake Baddies help him on the fight! Let’s dive right in shall we?

The fight:
Sartharion is pretty much a tank and spank fight himself, he’s the traditional dragon, don’t stand in front of him, don’t stand behind him.

Sarth’s main attacks are melee, cleave, and Flame Breath on the tank. Throughout the fight, the battle area is bombarded with lava waves, coming from the south or the north.

There are ‘safe zones’ in between these waves, so it’s always important to keep your camera at max distance when your actually fighting him during this encounter.

Throughout the fight Fire Elementals will start swarming the raid, if these elementals hit a lava wave, they become enraged, and hit VERY hard.

The Set up:
So for this fight you’ll want two tanks, we’ll talk about the regular fight here, hard modes will have their own seperate post. The Main Tank will be on sartharion, the offtank will grab any free flowing fire elemental adds, and make sure none of them enrage by moving them into safe zones during the lava waves.

Sartharions position for the dps to begin doing their job for this fight is very important, the tank needs to make sure sartharion is eithe facing north or south, so the tank can move east or west to avoid lava waves and stay in safe zones himself.

Once Sartharion is in position, it’s an all out dps race. Watch out for lava waves, and watch out for enraged fire elementals.

Healing this fight as a Paladin is pretty straight forward, the regular version of this encounte can be done with either 2 or 3 healers. You will be of course, in charge of keeping the tank alive, expect spike damage from the frie breaths Sarth does to the tank, and any spike damage enraged elementals will do to your dps or healers.

I keep beacon on the main tank and heal the raid and the offtank accordingly, while always keeping an eye on my primary targets health.

Have your hand of protection handy to shield any dps or healers from loose adds, keep hand of salvation up for this too, but also to make sure a dps doesn’t pull aggro off the main tank. Having Sartharion turn around, face a damage dealer, and do a flame breath on the whole raid will pretty much be a wipe.

At about 20% he starts ‘enraging’ and he makes the volcano begin to spew out lava bombs and hit random players. This is an aoe healing intensive portion of the fight, but manageable in ten man regular.

The offtank during this fight should take negligible damage, if he’s good at keeping the flame elementals out of lava, you really dont have to worry about watching his health.

Have fun killing Sarth easy mode!! 🙂