Paladin Healing – Northrend Beasts

Good morning! Today I’m going to talk about healing the 1st boss encounter of the new Trial of Crusader Raid, the Northrend Beasts!

Don’t take these 3 beasts lightly, they hit hard, and have some NASTY debuffs/abilities. Get ready for some challenging healing during this fight.

Clearly, Paladin Healers are going to be healing the tank for pretty much the entire fight, lets go over each phase of the fight:

Phase 1: Gormok the Impaler
Choose a tank to heal and beacon the Off Tank, you’re primary job is to keep both the tanks alive, they’ll be taunting off one another throughout the fight, but the debuff impale he does to the tanks hurts, and hurts bad and forces you to continue healing when they switch off.

Save Holy Shock for yourself if Gormok throws a fire ember at you, use it to heal your self.

Use Holy Shock and any instant Flash of Light to heal the tank if you have a Snobold jump on your shoulders, getting spell locked out of your school for 8 seconds sucks, especially if you’re the one healing the tank. Be vocal in vent and let your raid healers know to focus heal both the tanks if you get a snobold on your back!

Try to use Divine Plea in conjunction with avenging wrath and any other spell power trinket you can use to not lose as much healing throughput Divine Plea puts on us (-50% healing D: )

Phase 2: Acidmaw and Dreadscale
You HAVE to make sure you start healing before this fight starts, these jormungers attack very fast and hit VERY hard, keep the same scenario as in phase 1, I usually beacon the tank kiting the moving jormungar, and heal the stationary one.

Doing this makes it a bit easier to stay away from the front of the moving jormungar (avoiding spit/debufs) and allows you to be mobile when needed to refresh beacon of light.

Try to save your divine plea for when they both go underground and switch off positions, it’s about a 5 second break, so use it to regain as much mana as possible.

If you get a debuff on you beacon out of it and hit your tank with hand of sacrifice for a free damage mitigation cooldown.

When Acidmaw (or the first jormungar goes down) Spam Holy Light on the tank with the jormungar whos enraged at this point. Put beacon on him and help raid heal any damage.

Phase 3: Icehowl

This is pretty much a tank and spank portion of the fight, put beacon on the main tank and help raid heal here. You actually regain mana passively at this point of the fight.

If for some reason someone gets hit by his charge ability, that person is going to die, anyone he hits at that point is one shotted and cannot be healed through, so basically -healing wise- this is the easiest part of the fight.

Make sure you are healing before he comes out of his dizzieness debuff when he does hit the wall from charging. He comes out swinging at the tank hard, so be mindfull of that.

Follow these steps and methods as a paladin healer, and this will ensure that your tank(s) will not die.

Enjoy looking at the healing meter when you’ve hit over 4-5k heals per second 🙂


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I love your strategies – Soon enough we will have ToC on farm in preparation for Icecrown. Thanks for all you do with the guild man!

Comment by Koios

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