Paladin Healing – Using ALL Your Spells
September 25, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Good morning! So many times I see it when -ANY- kind of player, dps, tank, healers get tunnel vision withtheir spells. They’re either so focused on doing damage, or so focused on trying to keep aggro, or keep the raid alive, that they neglect some of the most important, life saving spells in their spell book.

To me, what makes a well rounded player is their ability to improvise, and use ALL their available spells for the benefit of the raid.

For Paladins, lets talk about some of the spells we can use outside of our normal three healing spells.

1. Hand of Sacrifice – This doesn’t have to be used on the tank all the time, make sure you only use this when you have divine shield, or divine protection on to mitigate the incoming damage you brought on yourself with this spell. Don’t use it alone with no mitigation cooldown, this will help save some squishy raid members from dieing to trash.
2. Hand of Salvation – The name of this blog! Use this on your high aggro targets, keep omen meters right next to your grid of players to keep an eye on who’s got what aggro, and who’s next to take it, don’t let it be a dps.
3. Hand of Protection – It finally happens, that lok in you group that just goes all out on all the trash mobs before the tank has complete aggro, and they all turn and start running towards him, what do you do? (Normally I’ld let them run and kill him to teach that lok a lesson to hold off fortwo more seconds) We don’t want him to die, so bind this to your clique or healbot, and hit this spell on your aggro whore before he bitds the dust. Usually, for trash and bosses, it’s most if not all physical damage, and will basically aggro wipe that person from the mobs hit list. Saved the day once again!
4. Turn Evil – This spell is REALLY useful, it’s on a 1.5 second cast, but can only be used against undead. If for some reason another healer, or a dps has an undead on them, scare them off with the power of the light! You’ld be surprised on how useful this spell is.
5. Consecration/Hammer of Wrath/Exorcism – As a HOLY Paladin, you still have some offensive abilities at your disposal, if damage isn’t that bad, I’ll normally run in put a consecrate down, if a boss is getting low on health and I just used my judgement to refresh JotPure, I’ll hit him with hammer of wrath, help out as much as you can, every little bit helps! BUT BE SMART ABOUT IT TOO!

These are spells that really any paladin can use to bring more utility to the raid, every class has a PLETHORA of abilities that make life easy for the raid, the key is making sure everyone uses them. You’ld be surprised, how much easier it will make your raid flow.


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