Gem and Trinket Choices for the Paladin Healer

Hello there! Today we’ll talk about the Gem and Trinket choices available to us for Paladin Healing, and what works best for the 53/0/18 build.

Healing Gems really come down to two primary choices:
1. Spell Power
2. Intellect

Crit,Haste,etc,etc…. are all really secondary, and to be honest, you really dont need to gem for these in terms of min/max numbers.

Let’s talk about the 53/0/18 build really fast, it’s a pure crit build, it’s focus is making Holy Light (our most mana expensive healing spell) sustainable to spam in a 7 minute boss fight.

Holy Light, costs around 1-1.1k mana per cast, depending on what glyphs/librams you have activated/in slot to reduce it’s cost.

Intellect is the number one choice for this build in terms of Gems
1. You get 10% more intellect per point with Divine Intellect talented fully
2. With Holy Guidance, you gain increased spell power through your intellect
3. The more intellect you have, the larger the mana pool you’ll be able to get, … the larger the mana pool you have, the more potent Divine Plea is for regenerating precious mana, and enabling you to continue casting Holy Light.

So Gem for Intellect!! Don’t worry about spell power, it will come naturally with gear and talents, trust me your holy light will heal for more then enough. In all naxx gear, you will still overheal for quite a bit.

So when should we gem for Spell Power at all?
1. to meet meta gem requirements
2. If you use the Holy/Prot build for healing, usually for PVP reasons (and yes very rare PVE also)

Let’s start talking about trinkets, since Intellect is our number 1 stat, let’s take a look at the trinkets available that buff that stat.

Pandora’s Plea – Mimiron/Ulduar
Tears of the Vanquished – Trial of the Champion (Regular)
Talisman of Resurgance – Triumph Emblem Item (50)
Darkmoon Card – The one that gives you intellect

If you’re able to procure at least two of these trinkets to fill your slots, with the current T9 gear, you can achieve OVER 31k mana pools! These trinkets give nothing but pure intellect to add to your bottom line, increasing crit chance, increasing spell power, and increasing mana, whenever a stat triple dips into your spells and abilities, you need to stack it -period-.

That’s right, 31,000 mana, divine plea restores 25% ofthaat every 60 seconds, that equals 7750 mana restored every minute, that’s HUGE.

I’ve said it in a previous post before, with these types of numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if blizzard nerfed the returns somewhat for Divine Plea, or nerfed the amount of mana paladins can achieve as well.

Unless they want us with these numbers going into Icecrown, and since they’re going to revamp the entire stat system in cataclysm, we may very well be able to keep these ‘numbers’ for the rest of this expansion! 🙂


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