Paladin Healing – 10 Man Healing compositions that work
September 23, 2009, 12:17 pm
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So you play a holy paladin, what does that mean to you regarding a raid spot, particularly in popular ten man raids? I’ll start diving into what has worked out for me and the reasons behind those choices when making a viable, and sustainable healing composition, specifically for 10 man raids.

I’ve always found that having a Disc Priest, Paladin Healer, and either Shaman/Druid/Holy Priest(in that order of priority) was the best makeup for a ten man group. I bring up ten man composition because of it’s more ‘microscopic’ approach to -responsibility-, if someone goes down in a ten man, its usually really easy to point out who -didn’t- do their assignment.

Conversely, 25 mans can have up to 6-7 healers, making composition ‘easier’ so to speak with regards on who you should bring, it’s usually going to be a mix of all the classes at that point anyway.

Why do I like the Pally/Disc/Shammy OR Druid combo so much? Heres why:

1. Diversity in spells to maximize power/stam of each player in the raid: I try to stray away from having two of the same types of class in a raid, in general. In order to maximize the raids damage/healing/tanking output, you want to have as many buffs as possible. Bringing in a variation of classes to a raid is ideal, which is why I don’t usually like having (I’m sorry) a holy priest join the group when a disc priest is present. The disc priest will have all the buffed up versions of the priest spells for the raid in general, and having two of the same class when we could have other buffs present isn’t maximizing the potential output of the group.
2. Flow of healing types: Utility spells that when combined with other healing types, create a very good flow: example: Paladins are known for their huge ‘burst’ heals, 2 second heals for over 16-17khp, coupled with disc priests effective shields and instant tank heals, make main tank healing truely very easy. Disc priests are kind of hybrid also, having so many healing spells, even though they are primarily single target healers, they can step in and raid heal when needed, very versatile. Shaman, and Druid healers, my preference would be a shaman because of Chain Heal and the various totems they posses to fill in buffing gaps, from what I’ve read both healing types can be difficult, but either one would be good as long as the person controlling the character is skilled, but that comes down to the player, not the class.

**One thing I want to point out is that, -IT IS POSSIBLE- to have two of the same class of healers, or even all of the same class of healers in a raid and be successful. IT IS POSSIBLE, one thing that really urks me is how some raid leaders in guilds are just so gung ho about min-maxing the group that they make stupid decisions, or they unfairly ‘bench’ someone just because they aren’t the right spec….. to me that’s just stupid, but I’ll save that rant for another post.

So for this post, that’s about it. To maximize the group benefit of having a paladin healer in a ten man raid, these are the primary things to look for when making a group, and why.

It’s really not that complicated, just have your pally beacon the main tank, and raid heal hard with holy light’s including the offtank while your two other aoe healers do the rest of the work keeping the dps alive.

It really is that simple, because pally’s make it that way!! :0)


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