Lay on Hands, Should we talent into this?

Hey guys! Recently I’ve been dabling 2 of my talent points into the new Improved Lay on Hands talent in the Holy Tree. Where did I dig up those precious points from?

I took them out of Improved Concentration Aura, and placed them into Imp. LoH instead.

I also changed out my Beacon of Light Glyph (YES I actually did this) and put in the major/minor LoH Glyphs that:

1 Returns mana to you when you use LoH and
2 Reduces LoH CD to about 10ish mins (Practially have this up on EVERY boss fight!)

You now also get the new effect, which is a 20% damage mitigation for about 15 or so seconds, that’s ANOTHER CD you can use to help the tank mitigate damage!

I haven’t noticed any difference regarding pushback, or silence/interrupt effects that I’ld normally benefit from having Imp. Conc. Aura fully talented, right now that talent is looking more and more like a pvp talent. Still useful in some boss fights, but like I said, I don’t really notice the difference shifting 2 points out of it.

I’m thinking that I’ll be changing my preferred talent build to reflect his change, I think it’s much more useful/efficient with raids today!


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