Paladin Healing Librams

Today we’re going to talk about the available librams for paladin healing, and which one’s are probably best in slot based on our healing build.

I’ll start out by listing the librams, and describing their individual niches to healing.

Libram of Renewal – Reduces Mana cost of Holy Light by 113.

Libram of Tolerance – Increases spell power of Holy Light by 114.

Deadly Gladiator’s Libram of Justice – Increases spell power of Flash of Light by 331.

Libram of the Resolute – Increases spell power of Holy Light by 160.

Libram of Veracity – Each time you cast Holy Light you have a chance to gain 234 spell power for 15 seconds.

Now lets talk about these librams for a minute, starting with LoRenewal. This libram is one of the most prized and sought after librams for it’s Holy Light mana discount. Spamming Holy Light in high damage fights is something that happens regularly in post naxx raids, having this libram in the slot will enable you to cast more holy light’s then without it. Bottom line it increases your casting time for your most expensive healing spell, which is really good.

LoTolerance, and LotResolute, increases the spell power of Holy Light, these librams can be bought from a vender nowadays, but I wouldn’t put this in the slot unless I had upwards of 27-30k mana. Having the mana longevity is key for long fights in pre ToC gear.

Deadly/Furious/Relentless Librams of Justice- Increases spell power of flash of light by a lot! This is a pvp libram for a reason, FoL is not sustainable in a raid healing encounter. While it -is- possible to do so, using this libram will make your FoL hit for about 8-9k in a Holy/Prot build. However, this will make your holy light’s worthless, and FoL won’t be able to keep up with boss fights, use only for pvp.

Finally we have LoVeracity, this is the new libram that can be bought for 19 Triumph emblems, I like this libram for end game raiding paladins. At this time, I’m raiding at about 31k mana, while having the renewal libram in slot will definitly give me -endless like- mana, having that much mana gives you some leeway in terms of beefing up your spells. You no longer really have to worry about watching your mana bar, as long as Divine Plea is on CD, you should be fine.

I like this libram because of the paladin healing style nowadays, I cast Holy Light 50-60 times in a fight, this libram increases the spell power globally, making your shocks and FoL heal more as well. From what I’ve read, it’s nearly 100% uptime on the buff, so long as you continue to cast Holy Light, which paladins normally are. When you have an insane amount of mana, and you’re responsible enough to watch your mana pool in a fight, go for this as BiS for your holy paladin.


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