Tier 9 – Paladin Healing Set, Trial of the Crusader
September 18, 2009, 2:03 pm
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Today, let’s talk about the new Paladin Healing set from Trial of the Crusader. Here are the set bonuses:

2 Piece: Increases duration of your judgement effects by 10 seconds
4 Piece: Increases the Flash of Light heal over time effect by 100%

At first glance I wasn’t to happy with the set bonuses for the new tier pieces. After all, how much has judgement of light -really- improved my healing? The 4 piece bonus seems kinda cool, with potential 1k tick heals every second, that sounds pretty nice for Paladin heals to me.

Currently I have 3 pieces of the tier 9 set, so I’ve had time to see how the 2 piece set bonus REALLY works. Basically, with the increased amount of time for the judgement, it prevents YOUR judgement from being overwritten by other paladins in a raid.

In some fights, my judgement of light effect was my #2 most healing spell in my rotation! It accounted for about 10-15% of my healing in some fights. It’s best use is in large raid damage fights, and keeping it up 100% of the time will make all those healing ticks count toward your meter. So I think it’s actually kinda nice, to me it’s way better then the T7 or T8 2 piece bonus.

Why? Because Holy shock only accounts for about 5% of my healing, Flash of Light and Holy Light are my two biggest ones, heck, even the Holy Light Glyph heals for about the same or more then what I normally heal with Holy Shock. Making a once, sorta useless spell, count toward your healing continuously is really good to me.

The 4 piece bonus like I said before will be really nice, and will definitly give you some padded protection from spike damage.

Just think about it, if you keep your sacred shield up, thats going to absord about 3k damage alone, then you have about 2.5k ticks of heals between boss swings, you’ve just taken 5k damage from those ‘passive’ spells alone, and you haven’t counted your Holy Light yet! 🙂


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