Paladin Healing POST 3.2

So with the new patch, we’re one step closer to Arthas, actually the FINAL step towards Arthas, as he should be here in 3.3!!

With the new patch, there have been signifacant changes to Holy Paladin Healing, I’ll outline the major ones that effects us most:

Beacon of Light: Now duplicates 100% of the heal to the beaconed target, before, only the -effective heals- were duplicated back, not the overhealing. Beacons as of right now will not duplicate an -ABSORBED- heal, more on this later.

Sacred Shield + Flash of Light: Now creats a 12 second Heal over Time effect for 100% of the flash of light heal.

Illumination: Now only credits back 30% of any spell critical strike mana cost, this is down from a 50% previous return.

Divine Intellect: Now only increases mana by 10% of intellect, this is down from a 15% increase previously.

After having a few weeks to test out the new mechanics, and seeing the best healing I’ve ever done before on the healing meters, I feel confident about my healing advice with these new mechanics.

1. Beacon of Light: This was such a huge buff to Paladin healing, all other nerfs for the next two patches still won’t balance our class after this buff…..sorry guys I hate to admit it, but I’m regularly outhealing my ‘raid healers’ now with this spell.

The way I use this spell is that I put it on my primary target, usually the Main Tank. I have a DBM timer that starts a coutdown everytime I cast it, so I know when to refresh it on my target and keep 100% uptime, and prevent any uneccesary casts, since it’s a very expensive spell. I literally then ‘raid heal’ other raid members in the raid that suffer any damage, usually the offtank, or anyone else taking raid damage. It’s as simple as that, as long as you keep an eye on your tanks health, instead of casting your Holy Light -on the tank- as long as you have Beacon up, cast your Holt Light on a Raid member.

Holy Light Glyph and Beacon – with the glyphed holy light, 10% of your heal will ‘splash’ to the 5 closest raid members in 8 yards, which means all that extra healing gets beaconed BACK to your tank! Your 12k Holy light just splash healed the tank with beacon for almost 20k health!!

2. Sacred Shield + Flash of Light: I also have a DBM timer for this spell as well, which will countdown the amount of time I have until I need to refresh it again. #1 this spell when kept up 100% of the time will shield your tank for a very large amount of damage. #2 the new heal over time effect it applies when you do a quick flash of light heal, heals buffer any spike damage.

3. Nerf #1: Illumination – I admit, overall this nerf kinda sucks. I dont get as much mana back as I used to when I made a crit. It doesn’t make critting WORTHLESS, it’s still in my opinion the A #1 stat to get because the mana return even though is less, is still VERY IMPORTANT. But it has made MP5 more important for the base replenishment as well. MP5 comes on pretty much all healing pally gear from Ulduar >> Trial of Crusader. When you’re over about 350 MP5 unbuffed, you’re in a decent range, try shooting for absolute minimum 400 MP5 with Wisdom or Mana Totem in a raid.

MP5 was actually buffed, so with the nerf, and the buff to MP5 I can’t tell that there was a nerf to be honest, maybe the thought of what we had before just makes it that much worse.

4. Divine Intellect: After upgrading my paladin, I can see why they may have done this. Even after the nerf I have MORE MANA THEN EVER BEFORE!!! Why? Because they release epic gem cuts which can be purchasable with honor, emblems, and money in the AH. +20 Intellect Gems FTW!! With the new gear I’m in, I’ve achieved over 31K Mana, thats over 7K mana returned on Divine Plea ALONE!!! Divine Plea is officially OP, I’ll be surprised if they DON’t nerf the returns on Divine Plea with these types of numbers. <<Remember it here, I said it first!

Notable Changes:
Lay on Hands: recently got a nice buff, which now mitigates 20% damage to the target making it a tank saving CD so to speak. With the Glyph, the reduced amount of time it takes from the cooldown, I've taken my 2 points out of Imp. Concentration Aura, and put them into this talent. Get the Minor glyph, and you can inject yourself with a Lay on Hands Mana Potion once every ten minutes. Very good on healing intensive fights šŸ™‚

As for the build I'm currently using, I'm still running with a pure crit build 51/0/18. this maximizes my mana longevity with illumination, and yes, overheals are still big for paladins so there really isn't a need to spec into Holy/Prot in my opinion.

To Me, Holy/Prot builds are more for PVP, since the +healing you get from it really benefits Flash of Light Greater then it does Holy Light. The amount of crit you lose when you spec into Prot, does not make Holy Light sustainable in high damage raids like ToC now. It can be done, don't get me wrong, I even tried it and was successful, but it takes a lot more work and is much more healing intensive just spamming flash of light the whole time.

Bottom Line:
Holy/Prot for PVP
Holy/Ret for PVE (variations of Holy/Ret for PVP also)

Can’t go wrong with healing that looks like this:


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