Paladin Healing – Northrend Beasts

Good morning! Today I’m going to talk about healing the 1st boss encounter of the new Trial of Crusader Raid, the Northrend Beasts!

Don’t take these 3 beasts lightly, they hit hard, and have some NASTY debuffs/abilities. Get ready for some challenging healing during this fight.

Clearly, Paladin Healers are going to be healing the tank for pretty much the entire fight, lets go over each phase of the fight:

Phase 1: Gormok the Impaler
Choose a tank to heal and beacon the Off Tank, you’re primary job is to keep both the tanks alive, they’ll be taunting off one another throughout the fight, but the debuff impale he does to the tanks hurts, and hurts bad and forces you to continue healing when they switch off.

Save Holy Shock for yourself if Gormok throws a fire ember at you, use it to heal your self.

Use Holy Shock and any instant Flash of Light to heal the tank if you have a Snobold jump on your shoulders, getting spell locked out of your school for 8 seconds sucks, especially if you’re the one healing the tank. Be vocal in vent and let your raid healers know to focus heal both the tanks if you get a snobold on your back!

Try to use Divine Plea in conjunction with avenging wrath and any other spell power trinket you can use to not lose as much healing throughput Divine Plea puts on us (-50% healing D: )

Phase 2: Acidmaw and Dreadscale
You HAVE to make sure you start healing before this fight starts, these jormungers attack very fast and hit VERY hard, keep the same scenario as in phase 1, I usually beacon the tank kiting the moving jormungar, and heal the stationary one.

Doing this makes it a bit easier to stay away from the front of the moving jormungar (avoiding spit/debufs) and allows you to be mobile when needed to refresh beacon of light.

Try to save your divine plea for when they both go underground and switch off positions, it’s about a 5 second break, so use it to regain as much mana as possible.

If you get a debuff on you beacon out of it and hit your tank with hand of sacrifice for a free damage mitigation cooldown.

When Acidmaw (or the first jormungar goes down) Spam Holy Light on the tank with the jormungar whos enraged at this point. Put beacon on him and help raid heal any damage.

Phase 3: Icehowl

This is pretty much a tank and spank portion of the fight, put beacon on the main tank and help raid heal here. You actually regain mana passively at this point of the fight.

If for some reason someone gets hit by his charge ability, that person is going to die, anyone he hits at that point is one shotted and cannot be healed through, so basically -healing wise- this is the easiest part of the fight.

Make sure you are healing before he comes out of his dizzieness debuff when he does hit the wall from charging. He comes out swinging at the tank hard, so be mindfull of that.

Follow these steps and methods as a paladin healer, and this will ensure that your tank(s) will not die.

Enjoy looking at the healing meter when you’ve hit over 4-5k heals per second 🙂


Currently Recruiting! All Classes/Specs
September 28, 2009, 3:50 pm
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Server: Arathor – US
Faction: Alliance
Guild: Ironfist

Ironfist is an Alliance Guild on the Arathor – US Server. Ironfist was created as an alternative to the hardcore raiding guilds, to allow players from all backgrounds (casual, to hardcore) the freedom to do as they want to have fun, and not pressure or force anyone to do anything. We are first and foremost a fair, respectable, and helpful guild looking to experience end game content, without the rigorous 20 hour schedule other guilds demand from players.

Here, you will be ‘allowed’ to have a REAL LIFE…..

Currently we are looking primarily for:

2 Tank Positions:
Death Knight

2-4 Healing Positions:

All Dps Classes:

We raid 2-3 times a week usually Mon/Wed/Friday we try to have Friday be our 25 man or ‘Progression’ or Hard Mode nights, once we get more folks recruited, We have various things going on on off-nights as well like VoA, OS, Maly, Etc…:

Raid Times Are:
7:30 – 10pm EST
6:30 – 9pm CST
5:30 – 8pm MST
4:30 – 7pm PST

Please visit our website to fill out an application if you’re interested!

Hope to see you soon!

Guild Information
September 28, 2009, 3:48 pm
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Hello everyone! I recently created a new guild since my old one sadly broke up 😦

I am now officially the GM for Ironfist, an Alliance guild on the Arathor-US server.

Here’s our guild website:

Hope to see you in game soon!! 🙂

Paladin Healing – Onyxia
September 28, 2009, 12:02 pm
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Hello everyone! Today I’ll talk about some tips for paladin healing in the Onyxia Raid encounter. Yesterday me and a couple of highly geared pugs on our server decided to go in and smash Ony in the mouth, it was a hard fought battle but we came out on top! Here are some key points to the fight to remember:

Trash Mobs:
1. Trash hits really hard, make sure you got Holy Lights incoming on the tank with aggro. Keep beacon on him to help raid heal the aoe damage the lair guardians do as well.

Onyxia Herself:
Phase 1
1. Keep Sacred Shield up on your tank -as always- this will help buffer the incoming damage of her melee and breath attacks to the tank.
2. Make sure you’re in front and running right behind the tank on the pull, it’s easy for tanks to charge in and go out of range of the healers, be ready to go!
3. The incoming damage at times can be spikey, a combination of Holy Lights, and FoL+Shocks will do the trick.

Phase 2
1. Do your best not to aggro at the beggining of this phase the whelps, I usually stack on top of the tank while healing so my aggro will attract the whelps to the tank, and he can pick them off me with a stomp, or consecration. Divine Shield, Hand of Protection, and Hand of Salvation work really well here.
2. Fireballs don’t hit for much and are negligable damage to the raid, your main priority is keeping beacon of light up on the tank taking the lair guardian adds, like in the previous trash pulls before, they hit like a truck and healing prioty for beacon should be on that tank always. I usually beacon the guardian tank and focus heal the whelp tank, while the whelp tank can take negligable damage, you help maximize your healing in this phase that way.
3. Stay out of he Deep Breath!! :0)

Phase 3
1. Pretty much a repeat of Phase 1 to be honest, keep beacon up on the tank and heal hard on the raid members who take damage from lava, or any additional adds left

Sidenote: -Always- good to have a shaman for Heroism and tremor totem, makes the encounter 100 times easier

Grats! You should be able to kill that *female dragon expletive* with ease!

Good Luck, and happy healing!

Paladin Healing – Using ALL Your Spells
September 25, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Good morning! So many times I see it when -ANY- kind of player, dps, tank, healers get tunnel vision withtheir spells. They’re either so focused on doing damage, or so focused on trying to keep aggro, or keep the raid alive, that they neglect some of the most important, life saving spells in their spell book.

To me, what makes a well rounded player is their ability to improvise, and use ALL their available spells for the benefit of the raid.

For Paladins, lets talk about some of the spells we can use outside of our normal three healing spells.

1. Hand of Sacrifice – This doesn’t have to be used on the tank all the time, make sure you only use this when you have divine shield, or divine protection on to mitigate the incoming damage you brought on yourself with this spell. Don’t use it alone with no mitigation cooldown, this will help save some squishy raid members from dieing to trash.
2. Hand of Salvation – The name of this blog! Use this on your high aggro targets, keep omen meters right next to your grid of players to keep an eye on who’s got what aggro, and who’s next to take it, don’t let it be a dps.
3. Hand of Protection – It finally happens, that lok in you group that just goes all out on all the trash mobs before the tank has complete aggro, and they all turn and start running towards him, what do you do? (Normally I’ld let them run and kill him to teach that lok a lesson to hold off fortwo more seconds) We don’t want him to die, so bind this to your clique or healbot, and hit this spell on your aggro whore before he bitds the dust. Usually, for trash and bosses, it’s most if not all physical damage, and will basically aggro wipe that person from the mobs hit list. Saved the day once again!
4. Turn Evil – This spell is REALLY useful, it’s on a 1.5 second cast, but can only be used against undead. If for some reason another healer, or a dps has an undead on them, scare them off with the power of the light! You’ld be surprised on how useful this spell is.
5. Consecration/Hammer of Wrath/Exorcism – As a HOLY Paladin, you still have some offensive abilities at your disposal, if damage isn’t that bad, I’ll normally run in put a consecrate down, if a boss is getting low on health and I just used my judgement to refresh JotPure, I’ll hit him with hammer of wrath, help out as much as you can, every little bit helps! BUT BE SMART ABOUT IT TOO!

These are spells that really any paladin can use to bring more utility to the raid, every class has a PLETHORA of abilities that make life easy for the raid, the key is making sure everyone uses them. You’ld be surprised, how much easier it will make your raid flow.

Gem and Trinket Choices for the Paladin Healer

Hello there! Today we’ll talk about the Gem and Trinket choices available to us for Paladin Healing, and what works best for the 53/0/18 build.

Healing Gems really come down to two primary choices:
1. Spell Power
2. Intellect

Crit,Haste,etc,etc…. are all really secondary, and to be honest, you really dont need to gem for these in terms of min/max numbers.

Let’s talk about the 53/0/18 build really fast, it’s a pure crit build, it’s focus is making Holy Light (our most mana expensive healing spell) sustainable to spam in a 7 minute boss fight.

Holy Light, costs around 1-1.1k mana per cast, depending on what glyphs/librams you have activated/in slot to reduce it’s cost.

Intellect is the number one choice for this build in terms of Gems
1. You get 10% more intellect per point with Divine Intellect talented fully
2. With Holy Guidance, you gain increased spell power through your intellect
3. The more intellect you have, the larger the mana pool you’ll be able to get, … the larger the mana pool you have, the more potent Divine Plea is for regenerating precious mana, and enabling you to continue casting Holy Light.

So Gem for Intellect!! Don’t worry about spell power, it will come naturally with gear and talents, trust me your holy light will heal for more then enough. In all naxx gear, you will still overheal for quite a bit.

So when should we gem for Spell Power at all?
1. to meet meta gem requirements
2. If you use the Holy/Prot build for healing, usually for PVP reasons (and yes very rare PVE also)

Let’s start talking about trinkets, since Intellect is our number 1 stat, let’s take a look at the trinkets available that buff that stat.

Pandora’s Plea – Mimiron/Ulduar
Tears of the Vanquished – Trial of the Champion (Regular)
Talisman of Resurgance – Triumph Emblem Item (50)
Darkmoon Card – The one that gives you intellect

If you’re able to procure at least two of these trinkets to fill your slots, with the current T9 gear, you can achieve OVER 31k mana pools! These trinkets give nothing but pure intellect to add to your bottom line, increasing crit chance, increasing spell power, and increasing mana, whenever a stat triple dips into your spells and abilities, you need to stack it -period-.

That’s right, 31,000 mana, divine plea restores 25% ofthaat every 60 seconds, that equals 7750 mana restored every minute, that’s HUGE.

I’ve said it in a previous post before, with these types of numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if blizzard nerfed the returns somewhat for Divine Plea, or nerfed the amount of mana paladins can achieve as well.

Unless they want us with these numbers going into Icecrown, and since they’re going to revamp the entire stat system in cataclysm, we may very well be able to keep these ‘numbers’ for the rest of this expansion! 🙂

Paladin Healing – 10 Man Healing compositions that work
September 23, 2009, 12:17 pm
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So you play a holy paladin, what does that mean to you regarding a raid spot, particularly in popular ten man raids? I’ll start diving into what has worked out for me and the reasons behind those choices when making a viable, and sustainable healing composition, specifically for 10 man raids.

I’ve always found that having a Disc Priest, Paladin Healer, and either Shaman/Druid/Holy Priest(in that order of priority) was the best makeup for a ten man group. I bring up ten man composition because of it’s more ‘microscopic’ approach to -responsibility-, if someone goes down in a ten man, its usually really easy to point out who -didn’t- do their assignment.

Conversely, 25 mans can have up to 6-7 healers, making composition ‘easier’ so to speak with regards on who you should bring, it’s usually going to be a mix of all the classes at that point anyway.

Why do I like the Pally/Disc/Shammy OR Druid combo so much? Heres why:

1. Diversity in spells to maximize power/stam of each player in the raid: I try to stray away from having two of the same types of class in a raid, in general. In order to maximize the raids damage/healing/tanking output, you want to have as many buffs as possible. Bringing in a variation of classes to a raid is ideal, which is why I don’t usually like having (I’m sorry) a holy priest join the group when a disc priest is present. The disc priest will have all the buffed up versions of the priest spells for the raid in general, and having two of the same class when we could have other buffs present isn’t maximizing the potential output of the group.
2. Flow of healing types: Utility spells that when combined with other healing types, create a very good flow: example: Paladins are known for their huge ‘burst’ heals, 2 second heals for over 16-17khp, coupled with disc priests effective shields and instant tank heals, make main tank healing truely very easy. Disc priests are kind of hybrid also, having so many healing spells, even though they are primarily single target healers, they can step in and raid heal when needed, very versatile. Shaman, and Druid healers, my preference would be a shaman because of Chain Heal and the various totems they posses to fill in buffing gaps, from what I’ve read both healing types can be difficult, but either one would be good as long as the person controlling the character is skilled, but that comes down to the player, not the class.

**One thing I want to point out is that, -IT IS POSSIBLE- to have two of the same class of healers, or even all of the same class of healers in a raid and be successful. IT IS POSSIBLE, one thing that really urks me is how some raid leaders in guilds are just so gung ho about min-maxing the group that they make stupid decisions, or they unfairly ‘bench’ someone just because they aren’t the right spec….. to me that’s just stupid, but I’ll save that rant for another post.

So for this post, that’s about it. To maximize the group benefit of having a paladin healer in a ten man raid, these are the primary things to look for when making a group, and why.

It’s really not that complicated, just have your pally beacon the main tank, and raid heal hard with holy light’s including the offtank while your two other aoe healers do the rest of the work keeping the dps alive.

It really is that simple, because pally’s make it that way!! :0)