How to manage your most expensive spell, Holy Light

Today we’re going to talk about the different items you can aquire to reduce the cost of your most EXPENSIVE spell, the Holy Light, and then we’ll discuss to see if we ~really~ have to acquire those items to be ‘raid healing viable’ and perform just as well or better without those items.

Let’s first talk about how much Holy Light costs to cast, Holy Light Rank 6 costs 29% of your base mana per cast.

Holy Paladin base mana = 4394 mana at level 80

29% of 4394 bas mana = 1274.26 mana

Let’s say we have a 20k mana pool, casting Holy Lights non stop and not critting and no replenishment will get you to just about 16 casts of holy light.

Holy light is roughly a 2 second cast to be conservative being raid buffed and so that leaves you with 32 seconds of healing, this alone will not get you through a boss fight, so what if we -reduce- the cost of Holy Light? Can we lengthen our time to heal by making it cheaper to cast? Let’s see what we can do to bring down that spell.

1. Paladin T7-7.5 4-piece set bonus = -5% reduction to Holy Light

5% of 1274.26 = 63.71 mana discount

2. Libram of Renewal reduces mana cost of Holy Light by 113.

113 mana discount from libram

3. Glyph of Seal of Wisdom reduces the cost of ALL spells by 5%

5% of 1274.26 = 63.71 mana discount

so in total if we have all three Holy Light reducing items equiped, its a total mana discount of 240.42 mana. Thats a pretty big discount!

This makes Holy Light cost 1033.84 instead of 1274.26!!

Casting the discounted Holy Light with a 20k mana pool like before with no replenishment and no critting will get you roughly 20 casts.

20 casts at roundabout 2 sec cast = 40 seconds of healing

So we increased our healing time by 8 seconds, that’s pretty impressive, almost an entire minute of spamming our most costly spell and gaining no replenishment.

Let’s talk about replenishment, we have:

Divine Plea = 25% of total mana returned in 15 seconds
(20k mana pool that would equal about 1666 MP5 for 15 seconds alone, the reason why we love intellect so much)

Illumination = 60% mana return if your healing spells crit
(we’ll use the discounted Holy Light as an example: 60% if 1033.84 = 620.3 mana returned, this talent alone cuts your Holy Light cost in half, the reason why we love crit so much.)

Replenishment = .25% mana per second for 15 seconds based on your max mana pool, roughly 3.75% mana replenishment in 15 seconds.
(.25% from 20k mana pool = 50 mana per second return, or 750 mana returned in 15 seconds)

**Divine Illumination – reduces the cost of all spells by 50% for 15 seconds, technically we can use this to reduce the cost of Holy Light but since its a 15 second buff that’s on a 3 minute Cooldown I decided not to include it to make things easy math wise.

We then have Blessing of Wisdom which returns 92 mp5 untalented and 109 improved through talents, and of course any mana per 5 thats included with the gear you have.

To be conservative let’s say we have around 200 MP5 from gear alone before we add in all of our replenishment, that’s a conservative number including rings trinkets, weapons, anything that may have MP5 on it.

Then lets add in all of our replenishment factors and see what kind of mana retrurn we see during fights. This is all going to be done through Mana per 5 seconds.

200 MP5 Mana from gear
250 MP5 Mana from replenishment
1666 MP5 Mana from Divine Plea
109 MP5 Mana from improved blessing of wisdom
2225 MP5 from these abilities ALONE, these do not include mana returned from crits, OR Divine Illumination cutting the cost of all spells in half for 15 seconds every 3 minutes.

In summary, gearing to reduce the cost of Holy Light is ideal, T8 and beyond do not have any Holy Light modifiers, but the Libram with the glyph should get you to where you need to be Holy Light wise moving forward with new tier pieces.


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