Gear choices, ‘What should I look for?’
July 20, 2009, 2:19 pm
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Regarding gear

These stats are ranked in order of priority when choosing gear. One rule of thumb I use is to be as evenly spread between your top stats as possible (more on this as you continue reading)

Intellect: Intellect provides a larger mana pool and critical strike rating, allowing you to cast more spells and crittically hit more often with spells at the same time. Intellect is the number one desired stat Holy Paladins look for.

Spell Power: Spell power increases the amount healed (or damaged) for any given spell. Very simple to understand here.

Critical Strike Rating: Holy Paladins have a number of talents adding to critical strike rating. Speccing into Illumination (which is required as a holy paladin) will reward you by returning a portion of the mana it costs to cast the spell after a spell critical strike.

Mana per 5 seconds: This is the primary source of mana replenishment for holy paladins. To put it simply more MP5 on gear will allow you to cast spells longer then gear without it. With the recent changes to MP5 and Paladin mana regeneration, this is a very important stat for mana longevity while healing boss fights.

Personally I think mana regen/longevity is MOST important, as of right now my first choice when enhancing my gear with enchants/gems I go for Intellect. The larger mana pool AND crit chance increase is perfect to achieve optimal mana longevity, and higher chances of hitting those bigger heals. This increases the replenishment effect and makes your Divine Plea spell much more potent since it’s mana return is a percentage based off your total mana pool.

Once you start gaining better gear, try shooting for 2000+spell power, and at least 20-21k mana pool as a baseline. Your crit percent should at least be at or around 30%. Those are decent numbers to shoot for from naxx 10/25 gear going into the Ulduar (Of course you can achieve much higher numbers if you are grand master in a profession such as jewelcrafting with the unique enhancements for your profession, these numbers set a goal to achieve to provide decent healing ability)


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