Boss enrages, ‘What do I do?!?!’
July 20, 2009, 2:24 pm
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More on Boss Enrages:

With bosses like Maexxna and Sarth 3D, it’s important to know your options to help the tank while they take MASSIVE amounts of damage, that even YOU cannot otherwise prevent the tank from dieing with your 20k HL heals alone!!

During boss enrages it’s always good to hit Avenging Wrath, (Avenging Wrath- increases healing done by 20%) The extra increase in heals will have you spamming the largest, and fastest single heals in the GAME, and is effective for enraging bosses increased damage. Be careful, you cannot use Divine shield or hand of protection on yourself during this time.

Hand of SACRIFICE + Divine Shield: You can make a custom macro for this and name it ‘Tank Saver’ if you want. Basically when a boss enrages, you can actually help the tank MITIGATE 30% of the damage they take for a short time. Activate your hand of sacrifice on the tank, and IMMEDIATELY pop Divine shield to mitigate the 30% of damage being redirected to you. This keeps tanks alive during Maexxna enrages as you’re web wrapped, and Sarth 3D fire breaths with Shadron and Vesperon alive. –You will die if you dont immediately pop your divine shield, the incoming damage WILL kill you if not mitigated–


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